Zambia total eclipse of the sun

Zambia total eclipse of the sun

Keietsu Sayama
(1)The African Continent's first landing
I who ran after a solar eclipse for 13 years set foot in the African Continent for the first time. As is expected, I feel that I make an expedition from Japan to Africa distantly. It takes off from Narita Airport and arrives at Johannesburg of South Africa the next day via Hong Kong. I became Lusaka mail near immediately in the transit evening and at last arrived at a hotel. I would board an airplane on full 1st when I included it as for the waiting time. I made it S and the same room which I joined in by a Bulgarian tour in 1999 this time.

A figure of total eclipse of the sun obi material of June 21, 2001
I take lunch from now on. A meal taken out is roast pork of salt seasoning. I that it was it in a dog state of Pavlov when food was taken out before eyes bit it in meat at once and was available! But fatty meat is roasted more firmly than a bone for some reason and is not edible. I ate only red meat out of necessity. I changed 10,000 yen for a currency of Zambia with water with PET bottle of 1 liter after lunch. A bathroom of a room has only a faucet and a bath basin, and nothing has space to drain new hot water into. Because there was no help for it, I collected hot water in PET bottle and used it in substitution for a shower.
Johannesburg Airport / South African Airways
(2)The night of Lusaka
I finish eating supper of a viking method and try to go to a courtyard of a hotel. I have already seen what longed-for constellation Southern Cross. I am very glad since a dust of 1994. star of Centaurus is very clean, too! I was able to consider a jewel box and the star cluster which said to try to look because the one that prepared large-sized binoculars focused the Southern Cross star left side by the naked eye clearly. I am excited at a constellation to watch for the first time. Which I returned to a room today because a lot of movement did not almost sleep, and slept immediately.

The Southern Cross
4:00 a.m. when I woke up on the next morning! African Nanbu has a long night at winter solstice. Because S of the same room got up, I went to a courtyard of a hotel with machine parts. I have already got up how many it is and observe a night sky. I had you show a linear comet this time. I already see only a top of a comet with thin like the fourth class. A reason does not have most of the dust tail, and I seem to see so it because there is a tail of an ion. I looked at an east direction from the lawn which opened in a thing of a little less than the early morning outside a hotel. Then while 28 days before new moon one day created a triangle with Saturn and Aldebaran, it rose.
The moon of the solar eclipse day before
(3) I go to a post office
For the tomorrow's observation public performance, I of a public performance blow observation type found time unmanageable today though it was on the day when it rehearsed it. I proposed to go to buy a local stamp for T of a tour conductor and went out to buy a stamp with free gentlemen. Though it was said to be it in a hotel if I originally went out because I was dangerous, I walked at once to a post office by saying if gentlemen surrounded Miss T with 4 and walked to be safe.

A receptionist of a hotel
In a hotel saying Inter Continental that Japanese Embassy is opposite, she hears a place of a post office. We who are free look around a hotel and ask you about a state of an American unit. If it is such a hotel which seems to be high, tour charges are considerably reason to improve, and is a hotel without a shower just best to us? I left an excellent hotel with Miss T which confirmed a place of a post office at once and did a post office pilgrimage. When women of an African style appeared by the roadside of the middle, is it for only which to have regretted that I do not bring a camera.
A courtyard of a hotel
I saw a post office of a blue building before long. It seems to be 1,000 kwacha that there are five kinds of stamps, and is usable on a postcard. I bought five pieces of seats of 1000K and bought the stamp which I wanted with an individual afterward. I am be lat. 15 degrees N here at winter solstice in around 30 degrees Celsius in the daytime. It seems to fall below 15 degrees Celsius at night. It is this temperature, Hirosaki city in JAPAN itself of the summer solstice. It was about time when rehearsing it was over observation when I came back to a hotel. It will be improvising tomorrow!
A solar eclipse memorial stamp of Zambia
(4) A diamond ring of an impression
It is a total eclipse of the sun today. The eighth is mine by all clear beautiful weather. I fix the filter which I got from a friend with a rubber band to a 500mmF8 lens hood. This is the thing which at a glance seem to be aluminum foil saying the astrosolar filter which international light device sells. The sun looks white to you and can process it freely. I followed telecon of 2 times and made it 1000mmF16. Because sun altitude is low, it is used the angle finder which can look in a finder easily by the top. This focuses it at the wonderful focus distance to call 2,000mm because I can double a field of vision. A right photograph is the thing which I photographed at a point in time when 30% were missing for appetite, but a sunspot understands what is swallowed slowly on the moon.

The sunspot which is swallowed in the new moon
I was missing to 90%, and a heartthrob became early. When I was missing to 95%, I install a lens at a camera for exclusive use of a total eclipse of the sun that I prepared for particularly. I take a filter and prepare it. Others do 24mmF3.5 for umbra gimlet photography. I do not wait in time. While confirming that finish work quickly, and solar light is lost slowly; of 1,000mm focused it, and invited a diamond ring of the second contact. It will be the scene which is splendid in I am similar so as to be disgusted, and should look many times! A prominence is burning red, and a corona is seen in lengthwise direction. I see Jupiter, too. About of a site darkens so as to go if I go to the sun at a sunset of 360 K. I lengthened an exposure by one step to a maximum of appetite on schedule.
A diamond ring of an impression (The second contact)
In darkness of silence, only a sound of a dry shutter sounds around. I take movement of a shadow of a month reflected in the earth with another camera. Forget that excessive beauty gets even a sigh...I shorten an exposure for the third contact this time. I make full use of two cameras for only three minutes and am under the strain to the nervous system. The sun was able to see the atmosphere that I was not noticing it, and chromosphere was burning red from a relationship of a month not coming in the finder center. It is a diamond ring soon. The finder which I watched at 2,000mm is right the best part! ! When I saw a mountain and a valley of a month clearly, solar light came at last. It seems to be totally beads-shaped sunshine filtering through foliage...While I become 4, and two independent light is finished to 1 before long, I gradually stare at light becoming strong and...
A corona-shaped for the greatest period
A sound of self-winding watch advance sounded without a film at the time when light became dazzling. I install 1,000mm at a camera for exclusive use of a partial eclipse and follow a filter. It was a like round corona last time this time. Because movement of a shadow of a month was the Southern Hemisphere, I advanced adversely with a direction seen in Siberia. At first I feel temporarily relieved. But I photographed a partial eclipse well because it was a valuable astronomy phenomenon and took DATA of temperature. Temperature fell to 15 degrees Celsius, but excitement and an impression depended than I felt cold and I was strong and felt the all existing inside. All for the first time in two years existing; appeared, and did it, but, as for these two years, was instant. I finished taking the fourth contact, and photography was finished entirely. The sun which completely returned to an original figure inclines to the horizon considerably. Of observe together though do not finish withdrawal of machine parts, succeeding toast.
Beads diamond ring (The third contact)

Movement of an umbra gimlet of the all existing inside (The Southern Hemisphere)

(5)Cheerful children of Zambia
Parting came over in early morning, the following day. I can write it by bus for ten hours, and all the women and a rich man move to watch a waterfall of Victoria. Seven we who stayed only as for the gentlemen without sex appeal. I shelve bass with sinter, and gentlemen get in a bus for an airport, too. Because an airplane of departure from Lusaka is the evening, I go to an official residence of President Zambia first generation in the way. Even if it said an official residence, not an excellent building such as Japan, it was one private house. There were a lot of children in neighborhood of an official residence.

My observation scenery
When one of the gentlemen reflects them in a video camera, I gradually gather. When turn a finder to children, do it, and a piece of concentration is various to a video camera; pose. It is the good evidence that a country develops into that children are cheerful. However, if one of the tour visitors will put up a pen; of children scrambled. Cannot you use this terrible energy for anything?cThey do not seem to have a general idea to call a turn. The bus has begun to run in confusion and a disturbance towards an airport.
Children of Zambia
(6)Daily life of Zambia
A story lacks sequence, but it is good and, as for the total eclipse of the sun day, goes to it and return to add business from a room because an observation place is near. It is said that give me a solar eclipse glass by an employee of a hotel when I come back just before partial solar eclipse to a room. Because they are put in an observation place and want to add business early, I decline it. I pat it, and they will ask you? It is because the bread which you must eat from now on than an astronomy phenomenon to be seen is more necessary today. We get it free, but they are not available if they do not buy it.

Unpremised businessperson of Lusaka
Thus I ask a lot of Japanese who seem to stand for a solar eclipse glass. We warm glass by a candle in a childhood and learn that it is considered that I watch the sun after keeping soot safely by a class of science. There is never one to observe with glass with soot in Zambia. It was totally Japan itself just after defeat that made much of daily bread so as to ask a Japanese. A Japanese car stood out, and an emergency exit just wrote to a courtesy car of a hotel that this country was indiscriminate Keep to the left of the road in Japanese.
Unpremised businessperson of Lusaka
(7)Late return home service
A flight for Johannesburg → Hong Kong took off! It is a landing in an island such as Mauritius of the Indian Ocean! ? Fuel of an airplane is left, and filling up with gas it like the few here for one hour. We shut ourselves up in an island of sightseeing without it being appeared forth. At last take off; to Hong Kong. I had the flight attendant who resembled Hano Aki because there was a solar eclipse article to a newspaper distributed in a plane bring an every newspaper. A solar eclipse says all appetite in Chinese on a day.

Unpremised businessperson of Lusaka
After all an airplane of one hour departed, and a connecting flight was made to wait to fall to the next mail for six hours without can return it. An airline recognizes a fault, and treating an apology to lunch. I arrived at a shop such as a coffee shop after long movement. By a viking method, I take a favorite thing and may seem to eat. When I went back to Narita with convenience of a delay for six hours, it was past half past 8 p.m. It is the moisture that the sky which I assumed African is incredible in an airport. It felt it very early that time passed if I finished watching a total eclipse of the sun on June 21
In Lusaka Airport
Lake Zambia

Lake Zambia
Lake Zambia

Lake Zambia

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