Siberia below the freezing point tour (Sightseeing)

(1)About an observation place
It tries to be chipped off in the Arctic Ocean via Siberia by Mongolia where a cold air mass of the depth of winters stays in of this solar eclipse. Therefore I cared about protection against the cold. Furthermore, it is it with observation of lower than an altitude of 20 degree under the influence that the sun lights up the surface of the earth from not being good so that a total eclipse of the sun is generated in the place that is near to the North Pole, and width of all existing obi opens. It is 2 minutes 41 seconds in all existing duration of observation place. Because I was interested in a Russian country from a beginning, I participated in the total eclipse of the sun tour A course that Jess travel bureau sponsored.

A figure of total eclipse of the sun obi material of March 9, 1997
(2)To Siberia of the depth of winters
Most solar eclipse tours arrive and depart from Narita Airport, but only this tour arrives and departs from only Niigata Airport. Ride a limited express swan to 1,997.3.5 from Hirosaki-shi, Aomori of the parents' house; and to Niigata. I get on a bus for an airport from the station square. I receive a boarding pass from a tour conductor, and it is 16FI get on 30 Irkutsk going. It is 20 in IrkutskF00 arrival. Siberia takes time to enter the country. It was inspected baggage elaborately.

Niigata Airport
I look to the inside of a finder if I hand it to a person in charge because it was done a pose when I show a camera. It is 22 that crew of NHK or somebody br /ings dozens of large-scaled loads, and time suffers from inspection as for what was unhappy, and arrived at a hotelFIt means that it was past 00. It is the thing which looks good even if I make it a free pass because the contents are the same loads. It is easy to spend Irkutsk with Hirosaki and similar temperature. By the result that was near to Lake Baikal, in front of hotel had approximately 20cm lingering snow.
A Russian aerofloat
(3)I walk Lake Baikal
On the next morning, I took a visit and a seminar of heliology place in a Russian scientific academy in the Irkutsk suburbs.
It was introduced a total eclipse of the sun and an institution of sunsight place observed in Southeast Asia on October 24, 1995 by a slide. I take lunch at a restaurant close to Lake Baikal and go to Baikal shore afterwards. A car such as sand buggy runs through the very front at a violent speed not to mention what a lake completely freezes in two or three moon, and can walk.

Lake Baikal of freezing
About 2m thickness of ice. There was heap of ice such as ice cracks in the lakefront, and the color of the slit was the marine blue which was br /ight to be transparent. I come back to the Irkutsk city after having taken a walk for a while on a lake. A trolley-bus runs like a streetcar in the city. A road did not have centerline of a road surface, and an awfully old car ran. It is the used car which was produced in Japan when I take it good. I ran with Japanese having been written.
The trolley-bus which runs in Irkutsk city
I go to Chita by the chartered plane which a tour company prepared from Irkutsk Airport by air after having spent it in Lake Baikal. Because I was able to sit down on a window side of a rear seat, I take scenery at once without minding a feather of a propeller. It is wrapped up from Irkutsk by one side snow and is all in white. When I got tired of similar scenery, I appeared in some huge lakes. Blue of a surface of a lake shined by beautiful weather vividly day after day since I arrived at here Siberia.
A chartered planeiWhen it clicks it, it is Chita cityj
An airplane noses down and descends here. A Ku~~lake approached before long, and Chita city was seen in the other side, too. Because I bought a map around observation place in Irkutsk, I did not worry on a course of a chartered plane. Difference in time consists of State of here Chita in Japan time and the same time. If the time is the far from Japan same to be located in the west, it is a strange story, but seems to advance to ahead from Japan for two hours when I say by Russian time at the time of the northern territories.
Lake Ku~~ (When it clicks it, it is Chita map)
(4)In Chita city
Supper goes in a restaurant "L doh rad". It was a shop of dim illumination, but a waitress was a beautiful woman very much, and the gentlemen admired her. A tour company provided with caviar and sampling of canned crab here. I bought canned crab when I ate one share of caviar which stayed a little too much because a turn of sampling was the last one without I agreed with spawn of a special product sandfish of Akita, and buying caviar because it was taste. It is a point that a crab was delicious

Lenin image and a theater
A hotel did not have an elevator and carried a load with oneself because there was not a porter, but what climbed stairs while, as is expected, having a load to a room of the fifth floor hesitated. There was a small room on the back of a receptionist and I put heavy machine parts and load there and took only daily necessities.
A department store of Chita
I visited Chita meteorological observatory the next day and observed an underground thermometer and direction of the wind observation meter installed outdoors. Good weather continued for these past several days, and a fine forecast seems to have been given on the solar eclipse day. 3m in length had the underground thermometer. I go to free market while taking a walk through Chita city on foot because afternoon is free time. I found baker and detergent person on the way. It is interesting that only one theme is sold to a store such as KIOSK.
Chita meteorological observatory and a luminometer
Street venders formed a line in a tent and crowded in free market of Chita. I wanted to buy the Russian hat which a Russian puts on a head, but cannot buy it because only 5,000 yen br /ought pocket money by this tour after all. I seem to have been sold from 5,000 yen for Japanese Yen. I was still usable in Aomori and was practical, but I longed for Metel of Galaxy Express when I tried to think well and may have wanted Russia hat.
Free market of Chita
To observation