Siberia below the freezing point tour (Observation)

(5)A night train and genuine starlit sky
I step on trans-Siberian Railroad to observation place Shilka tonight. Chita 22FIt is 00, but there is not a home at a station. I delete a large quantity of loads for all of you hand and progress. As for I chinned myself, and carrying a heavy load because I had it of about 1.5m from a railroad line to the gangway, cold was blown off very much. A guest room has a passage by a sleeper train in one side. I let a flower bloom for a story to like without by four people sit down each, and sleeping. A woman conductor br /ought tea before long. One cup of 1,000 rublesiAbout 20 yenj
I chin myself and carry a heavy load
I chin myself and carry a heavy load
AM3:00 I arrived at the unmanned station where a record of wins and losses of a perfect score sparkled to about 00. It is cold and feels a Shilka from Chita. A heater does not work, and the bus which a tour chartered goes to a ti vanda rest sanitarium of lodging place while shaking a body. I completely stop on the way on a frozen river. The light which there was at the station square is here, and nothing is found. When I got off all the members bus, and a driver deleted right, the area was surrounded in complete darkness. A star of the sky shines and can consider that I look up to a degree of leaning of the Milky Way. Because a Hale-Bopp comet was in full bloom, I observe it. When observe it about 30 minutes, and a body got cold, get on all the members bus; and to lodging place. trans-Siberian Railroad
trans-Siberian Railroad
I observed a star-filled sky outside since I put a load at an inn and prepared machine parts. A tail of a comet is divided into 2 wonderfully when they try to check it, and, as for the bluish tail, an ion, a whitish tail seem to consist of dust. I held out to the sunrise and continued observing it with photography. At 6:00 a.m., I move for the tomorrow's rehearsal to observation place. If the which I stand, and achieve machine parts in observation place tries to hear it because I was, I tie it to Internet from here and Japanese seem to transmit a state of a total eclipse of the sun. It was not the staff of NHK. A star and Comet Hale-Bopp of the sky
A star and Comet Hale-Bopp of the sky
I seem to coordinate a course of a parabolic antenna. The Internet staff stays in observation place, and we come back to an inn once. Because I do not do getting a sleep either, a chill does it in a bus. I got a pocket heater from one accompanied by by a tour and became awfully sleepy when I warmed a body. I became sleepy and I came back to a room and slept with of sharing a room so as not to be able to stand if I arrived at an inn and took slow br /eakfast. I came out of sight by a knocking at a door once. It seems to be time of lunch, but it is zzz which it declines a meal because I am sleepy, and just lay down. It is me just after sound sleep in a room
It is me just after sound sleep in a room
(6)It is embarrassment to accommodations
At last if when came out of sight, is going to take a bath because time of supper has already approached; facilitiescOnly a restroom and a shower are installed. A restroom does not have a cover in West expression. An area becomes the submergence when I make a bad job because a curtain does not prepare for a shower. Only space of a half tatami mat has a bed under a shower. A drainage is small, too. I washed a body with a washbowl done with aluminum as a cover of a restroom. I became the submergence after all...
A bathroom and a restroom
A bathroom and a restroom
Mayor Shilka is visited tonight by a ti vanda rest sanitarium, and a welcome party of mayor sponsorship begins. I nominate Shilka City and am to cooperate with observation, but many contents are good and do not understand it because I talk in Russian. Because champagne came out, I have drunk it slightly a little too much. A lot of fish dishes came out to the meal. I make it a meuni, and bake it. Because I stood, and Internet squad achieved a note PC, after supper, I peeped out. Because I wrote comment on a bulletin board, I wrote comment and participated. A dining room of a sanitarium
A dining room of a sanitarium
(7)The below-zero sunrise
I start an action this morning in front of Hinode. I put a trunk at an inn and went to a bus with necessary machine parts. It does not readily depart by cold whether you have something wrong with an engine even if over dim light. Because the person who went for a thing left behind in a room did not return only with one, Mr. M which sponsored a tour let you depart from a bus. As for the tour conductor, a face became pale, but all the ti vanda rest sanitariums are in an existing obi, too. "A late person lets you just observe it at an inn in time". Because it was notified all the participants with beforehand, I arrived at observation place without particularly big confusion.
Lodging place / a ti vanda rest sanitarium
Lodging place / a ti vanda rest sanitarium
A positive rose under the complete beautiful weather diagonally. The sun floating in the wasteland is the beauty that is not seen in Japan.
Local GPS North latitude 51° 58´ 00"
East longitude 116 ° 34´08"
A local forecast
The first contact 8:57:26
The second contact 10:00:40
The third contact 10:03:21
The fourth contact 11:10:59
It is 2 minutes 41 seconds in duration of a local total eclipse of the sun.
The below-zero sunrise
The below-zero sunrise
I measured temperature with a thermometer in the middle I stand, and to put up machine parts, but an observation ground is -20 degrees Celsius. I put on a thermal and gloves with the goretex which I wore in Alaska and I wore Eskimo shoes at an inn and did complete protection against the cold. It is too still cold and takes the warmth by a tent installed in the sun and a direction of the other side.
I am installing the machine parts in the wasteland. Because wind does not blow, it was saved, but you should be able to be accompanied by the parcel tape which it was able to stick to in Cairo ash when I am going to keep a camera warm in Cairo of the present which excessive cold is not accompanied by and are accompanied. I covered this with a jacket and kept it warm. Because there is not an equatorial telescope, a camera and a tripod are fixed photography by 2. As for the first of them, the second of them takes only a total eclipse of the sun by partial solar eclipse. Because I photographed it every 10 minutes, meanwhile, partial solar eclipse takes the warmth by a tent. Because hands and feet get cold in an interval of photography, it is good, and a hand hits a heater of a tent, and a foot spreads Styrofoam under a tripod and shuts out cold of the wasteland. Swill with vodka swallowed up by well locally probably because is too cold; and "is a human being stove"! There is a person saying .
I who am observing partial solar eclipse
I who am observing partial solar eclipse
(8)Black eyes of Siberia
I was blue, and the sky thickened before long. When it watches a thermometer incidentally, it is -30 degrees Celsius! It is a total eclipse of the sun more a little. When a heartthrob reached a peak, a diamond ring shined. Light fades away from the right side of the sun, and a corona of a type is seen for the minimum period to totally lengthen like eyes aside. I see a pink prominence at the same time, too, and two planets shine in the about. The lower right is Mercury, and the lower right is the Venus more.
Mercury and the Venus of the all existing inside
Mercury and the Venus of the all existing inside
Because it was a total eclipse of the sun that was near to the horizon, only about was covered to the shadow that the new moon was dark. At the moment when it moved to sun direction, light leaked out from a valley of a month and became a diamond ring, and a total eclipse of the sun was over. All Hale Bopp comets were seen in the existing inside, but do not feel like watching it sacrificing time of a total eclipse of the sun having a short it. Despite a total eclipse of the sun, I think that a tail of a comet did not appear in a photograph because it is light from the night. Black eyes of Siberia
Black eyes of Siberia
There are photograph and DATA of solar eclipse observation meeting Mr. president M that I photographed corona and Hale Bopp comet in a report of publishing it at the same time which I contributed after return home. Because I photographed it with a film of ISO400 for 16 seconds, and at last a tail of a comet came out with a wide-angle lens of 24 F4, did not I need to photograph a comet.
The sun regained br /ightness slowly. There was the person who looked at the sun which only one stood there before a camera, and was restored. A shadow of a person lengthened for a long time and became a very impressive photograph.
The diamond ring which floats in the wasteland
The diamond ring which floats in the wasteland
A finger has sense of incongruity if I notice. It is caused by the fact that I operated it barehanded when I adjust a camera because a plan of manual photography becomes automatic without permission by cold. Because I did not fail in photography by intention, I pushed a shutter barehanded. The sun returned to a complete figure before noon. I come back to an inn and take lunch. There was the person who was not able to get on a bus. Because a wall was white though a location was bad, in in front of inn, the shadow band which was not seen too much in the all existing inside either seems to have confirmed the phenomenon that moved to a lawful wife with the black obi which lengthened in east and west. trans-Siberian Railroad / a locomotive
trans-Siberian Railroad / a locomotive
(9)I go back to my own country in no time
Though it is the day of a total eclipse of the sun, I do not stay at an inn and come back to Chita with trans-Siberian Railroad. I did a chat without can sleep too much in the inside of car. AM6F 00 arrival goes to Chita Airport at once. I buy a local newspaper, but there is not even such room all the time. I joined the tour that I did not get used to in Chita Airport. This tour was the B course that I observed in Chita. In this place, a schedule decided a rate br /iefly in an A course to go from a beginning to a Shilka for two days because only 25,000 yen were cheap.
A row of trees in front of Khabarovsk Airport
A row of trees in front of Khabarovsk Airport
It seems to have been clouded in Chita when I exchanged information at once. That reminds me when the sun was restored yesterday, area all over has been covered to a cloud. Was it clouded a little more like Chita when a total eclipse of the sun was slow? I arrive at Niigata Airport via Khabarovsk. It is the speed as if a total eclipse of the sun was totally over that go back to its own country immediately on the solar eclipse next day. I wanted to buy a local newspaper, but even it did not come true this time. We seem to have had 1,700,000 access in the first Internet br /oadcast from the whole world, and this was a great success! Alaska plane of Khabarovsk Airport
Alaska plane of Khabarovsk Airport

Moon's Umbra Moon's Umbra Moon's Umbra
Movement of an umbra gimlet of the all existing inside (The Northern Hemisphere)