A Mexican special attack unit tour (Observation)

Keietsu Sayama
1,991.7.11 total eclipses of the sun [saros] No. As for 136...36/71 z, all existing obi crosses Hawaii and South/Central American Countries. A total eclipse of the sun that a sunrise interval passed few Hawaii crosses Central America countries and greets sunset in br /azil. It is the longest duration by this saros period, and neighborhood total eclipse of the sun is seen in the Mexican central part for about 7 minutes. This solar eclipse zone is the area that it is easy to go from Japan to go along Hawaii and California Peninsula. A lot of observers went in particular to the Hawaii area.
A figure of total eclipse of the sun obi material of July 11, 1991
I participated in a Mexican tour of Hankyu Express International to observe at the California peninsula tip where there was the observation ground expected that it was fine by desert climate surely from Hawaii which duration had a short. It takes off from Narita Airport to 1,991.7.10 in a B course of 7th in the evening in five days, and it is American L at the morning of the same day beyond the date line. It is come by A. By exclusive bus after city sightseeing to Griffith astronomical observatory...

Griffith astronomical observatory
Big panel photographs formed a line when they entered inside. It is above all in particular the photograph which it uses a filter in the sun, and it took that got a lot of looks. The prominence which jumped out leads to a track of Mercury in the shape of a swelling loop. There is the solar photograph which I watched in an H alpha ray. Going to bed which is early because it will be finally an observation public performance tomorrow.
A night view of a LosAngels city
A morning call during sound sleep resounded, and it was 2:00 of an early morning when it jumped from a pet. Town San Jose delgabo of the by air Mexican California peninsula tip of the name that I take it, and was able to be accompanied to call chartered plane "eclipse" leaves today. However, I finish early outfit by too early getting up because I feel sick and leave for observation place by a chartered plane of ahead early in the morning at 4:00. I greet the sunrise in a plane, and it is come by San Jose delgabo! Latitude longitude carried by a pamphlet is north latitude 23 degrees 04' west longitude 109 degrees 41'. I get into a minicoach from an airport and go to a local elementary school.
Los Cabos Airport
Because there was a beautiful woman in a bus near, "are you alone?" I took a voice. She seems to be participation since she watched a total eclipse of the sun to 1,988.3.18 for the first time in Indonesia when she hears a story. A name is M...It is a person to meet many times later. The bus which gradually shook arrives at an elementary school before long. It is the rank that I want to observe the sun of the hyper height of summer in a shadow of trees very hotly on the summer solstice, but installs machine parts on concrete of a basketball court out of necessity because the sun is not considered to be it.
The two-pole banner which there was in observation place
Because only a stupid jun camera lasted in the last Ogasawara offing total eclipse of the sun, can possess a 500mmF8 reflection telephoto lens in tele-converter of 2 times from this time; and all existing; if exclusive, do it. Partial solar eclipse is 300mmF5. I added telecon of 2 times to 6 and used a D4 (ND10000) filter. @...The considerable numbers of people gathered in school grounds of an elementary school in it not being considered that I missed this total eclipse of the sun as for the total eclipse of the sun to be seen more than six minutes by the end of the 20th century. I observe about 300 at the same place.
State of observation place
A lot of one where spirit begins is totally machine parts and trade fairs of people. It was sold to the T-shirt which treated a total eclipse of the sun in a school gate of a school. I put a scene of the circumference in a camera. AM10F 30 sun has begun to be missing from the upper part. The sun which I see through a filter becomes yellow and can try to be missing. I looked same even if I watched the sun with a solar eclipse glass presented in Narita Airport by a tour company. The sunspot that I looked at in 600mmF11 (composition) which I added telecon to appeared to five places like the solar activity greatest period.
State of observation place
As time passes, the sun is missing deeply. Though I was such hot just one hour ago, I cooled down when the sun was missing more than half. The sun approached the zenith. I am so directly overhead, and there is rarely a seen solar eclipse. Because I installed the angle finder which I br /ought beforehand, it is possible for observation with comfortable posture. AM11:50 I changed it on a 500mmF8 reflection telephoto lens while watching the sun which became thin like threads.
State of observation place
I noticed while photographing it, but because I did not understand how to use 3 well, a fixation screw played and did not shake a hand and photographed it. This becomes big failure of the next. I focus it while watching tire Mond ring of the second considerably big contact. A field of vision that I looked at in an angle finder, It is 2000mmF16 and strong expansion. I greeted a little pre- tire Mond ring. When vivid light was lost, the area was wrapped in darkness. I see the wonderfully-shaped prominence which did a T character type from the same place where light was lost. It is the very interesting form that is not seen for an everyday total eclipse of the sun.
Huge prominence (M photography)
Because it is a total eclipse of the sun after Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines, it is darkness, but coming do not feel dark that much. Light of a corona of br /ightness same as a full moon lights up darkness.
As is expected, room is reflected on a heart when it continues as for six minutes. I looked by the naked eye for approximately 3 minutes while taking a corona by a stage exposure. The corona which seemed to be the fluorescent lamp which it was light in the sky, and was round of the heliotrope which I watched in the Ogasawara offing three years ago was impressive. I am longish slightly, and, for the zenith, the diagonal corona which lengthened aside is impressive this time. I cut morphine perception proposed to an astronomy magazine in those days, and will it be a model corona that such a corona was seen for the greatest period?

I cut morphine perception, and it is a corona
Tire Mond ring of the third contact emerged from an upper edge before long. I already end longish all existing (6 minutes 18 seconds), and the sun returns to an original figure rapidly. The fourth contact was over, and all solar eclipses were over. A positive still rises highly. It is for the sun to have been greatest, near size that a solar eclipse such long this time was seen. And it is related to have had at the place that is near to the zenith because I was seen in the vicinity of the tropic of Cancer.
I of observation place
A tour conductor announces it before I still finish withdrawal of machine parts when I get into a minicoach. I withdraw hastily and I get on a bus and hurry to an airport. It was a sequel, but all San Jose delgabo of observation place came off from existing centerline. As for the person who looked in the vicinity of more Santiago that I could observe for a long time, the sun of the whole total eclipse of the sun seems not to try to have been covered to a cloud during 6 minutes 45 seconds. One gone in Hawaii was approximately in condition it seems to have been clouded in the whole area, and to have said with winner-take-all of San Jose delgabo.
Chartered plane "eclipse"
Because information did not enter till I go back to my own country in those days, a party gets on a chartered plane of a return while doing it willingly and comes back to L.A. It was around 6 hours that I lay hidden in the Mexican ground after all. You need not to seem to acquire an entrance pizza by publication only for a tourist card for less than 1 day. Still, sleepiness of morning was still left in a journey, and all the members were dead tired in an airplane whether the reason was because it was ruined by heat. Is this impossible movement; when "an airplane fell, was not able to watch all the members solar eclipse". Because I caught that somebody said when this was a tour such as a special attack unit in happening to hear, I did a title with a Mexican special attack unit tour.
A total eclipse of the sun that it showed at the zenith (A figure)
Evening L. It is come by A. It is a Mexican dinner and floor show in celebr /ation of observation success tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed Mexican food while a sound of br /ead Joe who played cheerful Mexican resounded. In Japan, I let you open a mouth greatly in a Mexican restaurant in Roppongi and closed a mouth after having put liqueur and ice and lemon juice inside, and there seemed to be liquor a salesclerk shook a head, and to serve it, but such a thing did not appear here, and correct general cooking came out to a Japanese mouth. The food which resembled a cake of Don tacos appeared. I move to Palomar astronomical observatory after free action on the next morning.
Scenery of observation place
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