A Mexican special attack unit tour (Sightseeing)

Keietsu Sayama
I observe Palomar astronomical observatory of the L.A suburbs today. There was a gift shop before an astronomical observatory and bought nebula and a poster of a planet earlier. I sat at an astronomical observatory afterwards, but I use PL filter and take a photograph because empty blue and a white wall of a round astronomical observatory were beautiful. There is an old telescope when I enter inside, and instrumentation is a solid structure. Because it is almost departure time of a bus, I come back early. Long lines formed a line in the shop where they already stopped at. Then it passed more than 20 minutes, and the last person took it, and the bus departed. Palomar astronomical observatory
Palomar astronomical observatory
I go to a suburban big site to observe a night sky from now on. Supper is barbecue dinner there. Culinary plants considered to be heap of form a line, and silver round containers form a line in the depths. A chef has begun to bake a frozen hamburger. Because there are many people, a cooking ingredient is terrible quantity. A positive has begun to be sunk after I took time, and having eaten. I cleared up, and records of wins and losses of a splendid color looked blue in the sky without light pollution. The sky is seen in which became black to a degree of leaning of the Milky Way from a heliotrope. I come back to a late-night hotel and see the sights of the Grand Canyon by an OP tour on the going to bed next morning. The chef who bakes a frozen hamburger
The chef who bakes a frozen hamburger
It takes two hours in a propeller plane by air in the Grand Canyon of State of Arizona. I saw a field such as Pac Man, but it seems to be it in a round field because I sprinkle subsurface water from the center of a cultivated area by a sprinkler concentrically. An airplane arrives at an airport before long. I move to a point by bus. There were the points on a cliff, and the scenery which I watched from there was covered in the high sky and a deep valley. The scenery which is this Takahiro who wanted to look once in life. You may have really come. I shoot a field such as Pac Man from the air
I shoot a field such as Pac Man from the air
Colorado River flows through the bottom of the gorge. The person whom I went down stream of by ship such as ship was able to consider that I enlarged there by a 500mmF8 reflection telephoto lens. I will see any kind of scenery from the bottom of the gorge! ? Colorado River
Colorado River / the down stream (The bottom of the gorge appears when I click a screen)
It was the bottom of the sea here in old days, but seems to have become the land for Rocky Mountains orogenic movement. As for before orogenic movement, land of last Cambr /ian period seems to have opened, and all the strata which I see from a cliff are things in last Cambr /ian period. As for the normal cliff, a valley is seen at a bottom, but lets a cliff collapses here and depends, and magnificent scenery do it. A postcard and a photograph were put when I entered a neighboring souvenir shop and knew that here was wrapped up by snow. Return to hotel faces L.A again. In busy streets of dusk, I was able to consider the thin moon of age of the month 2 to look up at the sky incidentally. I will move to San Francisco by air tomorrow. The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon (The bottom of the gorge appears when I click a screen)
I leave L.A which stayed for four days and arrive at San Francisco in around 1 hour. After city sightseeing, I was going to look down at an uphill city by bus in a hill, but it was wrapped up by fog, and it was impossible. A flag of rainbow color is raised everywhere when I withdraw to a town by bus. It seems to be a flag symbolizing a gay. I moved to Golden gate br /idge the next day. It is the place where it stopped at by homestay of a senior high school on the last day for three weeks of seven or eight months in 1984 here. I went on foot then to the opposite bank across a br /idge. It is the return for the first time in seven years. I took a walk this time in a neighborhood of the souvenir counter which a br /idge looked like. Golden Gate bridge
It is returned by a Golden Gate bridge
Afternoon 2 of July 15FThe airplane which left San Francisco for 00 goes over the date line, and it is afternoon 4 of the next dayFIt is come by 30 Narita Airport. Only a part of a total eclipse of the sun had the air of pre- surprise when I developed FILM which was finished with photography. What did not understand how to close tripod fixation screws just came out to a photograph. Because of this failure, the trip to run after my total eclipse of the sun became a lifetime event. A state of dinner
A state of dinner