Corona in Cloud
Photo by Keietsu Sayama

The date and time
2008/8/1 19:7'46"
Photography place
The military boundary neighboring with China Barcol
44°27'11.0" N  93° 36'19.3" E
An exposure
Automatic exposure
Machine parts
MINOLTA alpha-807si

Photograph explanation
This is a total eclipse of the sun that I photographed in China Barcol on August 1, 2008.
I experienced a total eclipse of the sun covered to a cloud for the first time. It was covered only at the moment when a corona appeared like pinpoint by a cloud, and at last the sun main body appeared when a diamond of the third contact shined.
It is a complete failure (>_<)
I am prohibited from use / reproduction / reproduction / diversion without permission for a manager
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