The Australian sandstorm tour / first half

Keietsu Sayama
(1)Africa or Australia
I who continued chasing a total eclipse of the sun for footrail 14 years observed a total eclipse of the sun in Australia. 2,002.12.4 total eclipse of the sun [saros No.142...22/72] passes the Indian Ocean from the Atlantic, and it is all the sunset existing in Australia. 1,984.11.22 before one saros passed the New Caledonia offing from New Guinea and crossed the South Pacific. This total eclipse of the sun was seen in a small range of degree to slightly depend on land.

A figure of total eclipse of the sun obi material of December 04, 2002
Approximately 1 page article and a photograph were carried by a then astronomy guide, and it is the solar eclipse which mass communication did not pay attention to very much. As for 2,020.12.14 after one saros, centerline passes South America Patagonia in noon on the next time. The partial solar eclipse that began from the South Pole grows up to a total eclipse of the sun, and this saros is over by arctic partial solar eclipse. Because all existing duration becomes long from now on, I am a pleasure. I was troubled with choice of observation place this time. To ShingwedziCamp in a crew moth - national park of South Africa which fine weather rate is high in the zone that all existing obi passes in Africa of wet season if I examine it, and there is for a little less than 1 minute 30 seconds in all existing duration
Qantas Airways
I thought whether I would go. However, 1 which they proposed to the tour company which did C s there was the figure level, and aversion put it in the point that rose, and the travel expenses proposed even Australia to a tour to go to desert forecasted that fine weather rate was high if with a little participation numbers of people. A place is Lyndhurst which is near to the border ground of South Australia. There were about 50km towns which said Ediacara if I went to the west, and all existing duration was head Ino from the place that this place observed for four seconds, but, as for the change of a place, it was impossible because I had already announced a place by a tour. 24 seconds that passed in all existing duration of observation place! It is the shortest total eclipse of the sun so far.
A man-made lake of Sydney neighborhood
(2)First Australia
When only a total eclipse of the sun examined the information that passed the Australian Continent, it seems to have been clouded in Melbourne that all existing obi passed since 1,976.10.23. A total eclipse of the sun of 2 minutes 7 seconds is seen in 2,012.11.13 after the two saros again in Australian Cairns. Six times become a singular point to be seen by 2,038.12.26 after it, and it is right it with a continent of solar eclipse Ginza. I think about the continent which I will step cautiously on many times sometime soon and get away from Japan.

An Australian evergreen
Time passes only the share that Australia got on an airplane in Japan and most of the difference in time not changing, and Sydney arrival is 8:00 a.m. Because I change it at a stretch to Adelaide, I board an airplane again. After a flight of two hours, I go to Quorn by a 4WD tour of local arrangement this time. The visitor whom we recruited as well as the staff locally freezes, and we do a trip with them. As for the Japanese, as for the staff, it was it with two wild trips that three buses in total ranged by minicoach with a visitor of the average by bus local recruitment.
The ice which I ate at a restaurant
(3) From Adelaide to Quorn
The bus which left an airport moves the distance that there is Tokyo L Sendai interval from now on. It is calling lunch in PORT GERMEIN on the way. Here is interior of Gulf of Adelaide, but the sea is near, and beach wind is very comfortable. In br /eak ground only for a roof and a chair, the staff of a 4WD tour prepares for a meal. With the light meal which sandwiched meat between br /ead, orange juice and fruit are with it. As for the distance to Quorn, a railroad line develops and passes a railroad crossing many times. A stop signal appeared once at a railroad crossing, but is a crossing gate - a sound of a warning Shizu like Japan, too.

Town / PORT GERMEIN along the seashore
A freight train goes along the very front. I had it of about 1km very for a long time. The scenery that a journey is monotonous. There is not a high tree, and the trees and plants grow by savanna climate thinly here. When a positive was about to be sunk, at last it is come by Quorn! If it bathes in a shower at once, and it intends to shave a mustache, it seems to be supper 30 minutes later. As for the participation, it is assigned a room to sex alone, and a couple is guided in MOTEL nearby. Put a load in a room; and at once suppercIn the shop which a restaurant came to have same as a counter bar, there were prohibition and a poster under 18 years old at an entrance here.
An Australian freight train
I had a pleasant chat with Mr. and Mrs. Ida in the seat which is same as, but it has not been carried I order a meal, and to pass for two hours? A cook seems to fight alone somehow or other. When "liquor advanced", there was a complainer. When I got tired after waiting, cooking was made progress with on each table, but had you watch a photograph of a total eclipse of the sun that you photographed in Zambia in last year while watching that a person ate with a near turn in looking askance at last. The Mr. and Mrs. I seems to have participated in a total eclipse of the sun tour of Madagascar Island last year. When a meal returns to the end, a room, it is already ToT which is past 22:00
At last the meal which I was able to get
(4) A ranch of Quorn - Desert
It is departed the next day to a ranch close to observation place! A national highway is the scenery which going have grass growing thinly, and is monotonous. I take lunch in a town saying HAWKAR on the way. When the staff began preparations for meal, I came children of an aborigine went over a wall and appeared, and to watch a state. Because I felt friendly, I try to take it in the video camera which I borrowed. I pose when I turn a liquid crystal finder to them when I understand one's figure with a state surprised at at first when it seems to me. I am not already if I think to eat while watching their figure because a light meal was done.

br /eakfast of Quorn
The discipline of children was a perfect feeling. I gave the solar eclipse glass which I took in Venezuela in 1998 while saying when I went to a restroom when children froze, and "a solar eclipse was seen tomorrow". The bus which left the place is in a br /anch road and passes an unpaved gravel path. I become desert climate from this neighborhood, and it is dense, and a cloud of dust stands from a rear seat of a bus. The staff opened three times of iron gates on the way and arrived at about 15:00. All of you are too tired whether it was a bad road. Preliminary inspection of the observation place that was planned today in the time when the staff prepares for a meal by saying that there is not it is cancellation!
The 4WD staff
(5)At the night when a star falls...
It is the inn which it borrowed for us especially because it is not used at an inn to stay at so that a shepherdess cuts hair of a sheep once a year in the height of summer here. Because I am not used as a sightseeing purpose either, as for the water, only the tank which I collected a well or rainwater in is not. Of course a streetlight is a few place. Therefore transparency of the atmosphere is high in which shined the star which falls on ground when it is the night being low. Though it was not the Siberia which it looked at in 1997, I thoroughly enjoyed the starlit sky that was not seen in Japan.

Sunset of lodging place
eclipse gum list

eclipse gum back
eclipse gum contents back
eclipse gum contents back
eclipse gum contents list
eclipse gum contents list
It is the gum which it bought because it was sold accidently at a stand.

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