The Australian sandstorm tour / latter half

Keietsu Sayama
(6) I meet the black sun again in a bus
A non booby did the partial solar eclipse that was the observation day that I waited for in the morning to finally wait because it was a phenomenon from the evening. I get the yesterday's fatigue safely, too and depart after lunch! A figure of a sheep is occasionally seen in a bad road of desert. The northern part becomes unpaved, and the bus which passed Lyndhurst runs toward the center of all existing obi even if I arrive at a national highway. Scenery from the car window has only sand for the horizon. A thing to block is a monotonous place having nothing. The temporary parking lot which was 500m away from the all existing obi center in the north became observation place.
breakfast before departure
breakfast before departure
As for the local GPS, it is merely indiscriminate strong wind south latitude 30 degrees 11 08 east longitude 138 degrees 19 50 (I borrow GPS of Mr.Fujii). Though I did not fall down when I bag up a stone because a tripod fell down and fix it, the sun of a finder never moves slightly when there is o focus distance 1000! I leave a video camera for umbr /a gimlet photography in the spot unwillingly and set the machine parts which are necessary for photography in the seat where a tour conductor sat down on in a bus. Though the space that can move is small, I can photograph it while a strong wind and a sandstorm are avoided, and sitting down. The measurement became impossible when I br /ought a thermometer for observation because I dropped by strong winds more than wind velocity 25m/s and was br /oken. I measure a position with GPS of Fujii
I measure a position with GPS of Fujii
And South Australia is daylight saving time now difference in time +1: with Japan I have it of 30. The first contact began to the horizon at one cloud empty bottom that blew a gale where it was completely fine that there was not, 18:43 of local time. I began to be missing, and, in the sun, a sunspot was covered in the new moon in the place that was missing to 40% by left diagonal bottom. I am rather late slightly from last Zambia for an exposure time of a partial eclipse probably because it is almost the horizon this time. A heartthrob becomes already early. The black sun to watch after an interval of about 1 year and six month. What kind of face will you show us this time? In the place that was missing to 95%, I push a recording button of a video camera for photography of an umbr /a gimlet. Desert of observation place
Desert of observation place
The sky darkened suddenly before long, and a total eclipse of the sun of 24 seconds began. Strain reached a peak, and I was pressed by a finder and adjustment of an exposure time. I continue overwhelming a shutter to take the last diamond ring by a corona, 1/1,000 seconds in first diamond ring, one second by 1/1,000 seconds. Because I wanted to look by the naked eye, I matched a viewpoint with the black sun, but press the shutter consecutively by 1/1,000 seconds because a diamond ring of the third contact has already shone while looking in a finder in a hurry. Then FILM just disappeared, too, and it was let loose by extreme strain. The sun sets in the horizon as partial solar eclipse. I take the state with a reflecting telescope of AF500mm F8 by 1/1,000 seconds. The black sun which was covered to all laps chromosphere
The black sun which was covered to all laps chromosphere
It was 20:34 that all solar eclipses were over, but it was it with a point of light without returning to an original figure, and the sun set in the horizon at 20:7. I ran after a total eclipse of the sun in this, and observation succeeded on all manned continents! I get a lift on an airplane of QANTAS aviation from Australian Perth, and a tour to photograph a total eclipse of the sun in the Antarctic Continent sky seems to appear next year. May you encounter the black sun next year as expected? A total eclipse of the sun of sun an altitude of 4 degree
A total eclipse of the sun of sun an altitude of 4 degree
Sunset partial solar eclipse Sunset partial solar eclipse Sunset partial solar eclipse
Sunset partial solar eclipse
(7)To Barossa
1 faces Barossa which a vineyard spreads through today. While the staff clears it off, I put an institution of an inn in a photograph. Originally because it is not an institution to stay at in great numbers, one restroom overflows, and hot water does not appear to the (>_<) shower which is nonuse too much either, and a floor is the submergence in there not being the pipe which waste water drifts to! Though I am easy to wear socks if there is a drainboard, I step over paper to wrap toilet paper in from a beginning because there is not it and grow a foot from neighborhood of a chair to a faucetcI wiped it and wore socks since I totally washed my hands with an appearance such as acrobatic feats.
The restroom which was not usableiWhen it clicks it, it is a shower room
The restroom which was not usableiWhen it clicks it, it is a shower roomj
BI take a photograph of a room. Originally because I installed simple Bet to single occupancy and made it double occupancy, I was small. Photography is over, and a bus departs. By movement that I take about 8 hours, I go to Barossa in the suburbs of Adelaide. During a br /eak, I look for a published newspaper today. When it was past 10:00 a.m., the newspaper which a photograph of a corona appeared in greatly reached a shop and bought Part 4 at once. I am caught in a tour is the first rain on the way, and green increases from this neighborhood, too. It is come at 6:00 in the evening by Barossa! It is impressive that a flag of red / yellow / blue shakes at the entrance of a hotel each, and it is the scenery which it is very good, and become a clear sky. The entrance of Hotel Barossa
The entrance of Hotel Barossa
(8)A sampling wine racketeering tour
The material alcoholic beverages which enjoyed the sampling wine which was an eyeball of this tour were the which I did not drink, but got possible to drink it today since they drank by air mere wine. Barossa is a production center of the grape which is famous in Australia. I arrived at the first wine factory and sampled it. Some red wine are bitter, but can swallow up. It is white wine that match a body! I drank it up like water. In the factory of the second case, it was written in the entrance hall that "Japanese people were hearty welcome" in Japanese. (>_<) which I sampled it to swallow here up, and have completely got drunk
An art object of a wine factory
An art object of a wine factory
The person who bought wine whether you had good quality attracted attention, but bought it daringly without buying wine because I sold honey. If the third case is going to extort it, it seems to be dies non. Are you just good for us in two cases? It is return lunch once at a hotel. A bus goes to Adelaide city. There are many indiscriminate buildings, and there is a signal here, too. Did it come from the country? We were impressed by urban row of houses along a city street. It is check-in earlier in a hotel. It is the place where I put a load in a room and want to go to to buy a souvenir immediately, but there is not battery of a video camera and kills time only for 30 minutes. A stand of a wine factory
A stand of a wine factory
Rearranging of a load takes a walk through Adelaide city at the end, too. I found a newspaper publishing company accidentally when I walked. By two kinds of 12.5 publication, an article and a photograph of a total eclipse of the sun are carried both if I watch the newspaper which I enter inside, and is stored. Because English was possible to some extent, she had you hear whether by two kinds of newspaper Part 5 cannot prepare. A newspaper desired has been carried in about 5 minutes whether you got communication well. The heart's desire comes true, and it is joy flying up almost! I went to Adelaide post office, but unfortunately originally a stamp associated with a total eclipse of the sun seems not to be sold. The used car which I saw in a wine factory
The used car which I saw in a wine factory
(9)I do shopping in Adelaide
The souvenir was in a supermarket by saying that food was good. Because article making even is abundant, and stock of the newspaper which I liked very much remained, two parts prepare to the person who asked me for a newspaper and come back to a restaurant. After supper, I go to look for an Australian national flag. There is a boomerang  which a national flag sold elsewhere when I enter a shop looking good accidentally. The thing that a corner is painted black seems to really fly when I ask a salesclerk. Because I want to give glory as an eyeball of an exhibition for a next photograph exhibition, I decide to buy both national flag and boomerangs.
A state of Adelaide city
A state of Adelaide city
(10)I go back to my own country at last
Half past 3 getting up this morning. At 4:00 a.m. of the abhorrentness that I cannot think of, face Adelaide Airport in the summer and ride TAXI3 level separately and leave it. As head senility senility, I arrived at an airport. A hasty Christmas tree meets us. I go back to my own country at a stretch to Japan from here. I get off an airplane on the way in Melbourne and move with the same model to Sydney - Narita Airport. Melbourne Airport was an unlucky direction. Though an announcement drifts, and security check assumed that I take over a load from a plane once though I said that a load is just good because I board the same airplane, I do X-ray check again and. I put X-rays through an end of to FILM and...A Japanese airport is never possible. Fortunately, because I put it in an X-ray safety case, FILM was safe. Entry formalities of Narita Airport overflow with a returnee so that all the counters are buried. I arrive at Shinjuku by transit. When it was caught in the rain that it was cold, it was a moment pulled back to reality at a stretch from Australia of the height of summer to Japan of the depth of winters.
Outback Eclipse Festival
I did not mention it in the text, but a festival with a total eclipse of the sun was performed in a neighborhood of observation place.
A place is Lyndhurst of a population of less than 25. I discovered the festival that seemed to be it out of a car of the bus which went to observation place, but knew it in now when 4 grew old without thinking that it was a solar eclipse festival possibly. Though I participated when I knew it beforehand...
That reminds me I saw the Japanese who did not participate in a tour in Lyndhurst-cho, but the purpose to be said to watch a total eclipse of the sun was the same...
Outback Festival
Outback Festival
Watch a completed photograph...
Because they were short, the sun slightly from the moon got together small, and much prominence and chromosphere were seen in this total eclipse of the sun with 24 seconds. Though the moon and a contact point of the sun are only nothing, as for the total eclipse of the sun to continue for several minutes, it is it with contact line by competition, all existing and golden ring solar eclipse for several seconds, and neither|neither of relationship ranges closely. Therefore I become the ring where a lot of solar light leaks out, and a diamond ring ranges from moon crater. Though Bailey discovered this, I am associated and say Baily's beads. In Australia, I was able to right meet Baily's beads of an impression.
Solar eclipse