Far-off Noshappu Promontory
Far-off Noshappu Promontory

Keietsu Sayama

It is early to always come out of sight more. Is it so? It was the sun disk passage day of the Venus today. I who entered Sapporo last night in a thing jumped from a bed. I follow TV at once and watch today's weather forecast. There "is a high atmospheric pressure in the Sea of Okhotsk, but Doto clouds over under influence of Yamase, and Sapporo in cloud to fine weather, Hakodate is cloud to rain, the way north Soya district and Sea of Japan side will clear in what is not affected by Yamase all day". Wakkanai seems to clear according to the "expectation. I watched a weather forecast and a pressure pattern in a net till I left local Hirosaki and understood that Wakkanai cleared all day. Because it was not gone, the South Pole total eclipse of the sun of last year wanted to watch only the sun disk passage of the Venus by all means.
A June 8, 2004 11:00 weather image

I step on super limited express Soya of departure from Sapporo 8:30. A train trip of about 5 hours. Originally because I liked a railroad, it was the car window that time was long, but it was the that it was not it, but worried about pain a little only at this time if I watched it. …The reason is because the first contact, the Venus sneak into the sun, and to start begins at 14:11. Because it is arrival at Wakkanai 13:28, much time does not have room. But when only this thinks that there is not diamond formation of a train, you must do it when good just to arrive before an infiltration start. Because you contacted Kanto unit of a solar eclipse bulletin board beforehand this time and combined it and were to observe it, I got on a car of Kanto corps at Wakkanai station and should have gone to observation place.
Rishiri-to Island which I took from the car window

I understand that a cloud becomes thin when I look up from ground as I go to the north. Be swelled with expectation, and a train goes to Wakkanai. The Kanto unit moved the Hokkaido sky by air at that time. Wakkanai arrival can arrive earlier than a train in the morning. Before long a train to Wakkanai Station. A face of T which was a railroad fan was seen in Kanto unit. I saw you to observation place since I took a limited express before arrival. It is 13:40 that I arrived at Noshappu Promontory. A mobile telephone sounded as soon as I arrived. It was a telephone from Gunma, but that informed it that Wakkanai was beautiful weather about the annihilation. Because there is not an interval, greetings start the establishment of machine parts to people to the first contact in a hurry there there.
Observation place Noshappu Promontory

Because I came over without being ready for a heart, a direction of the sun is not readily correct. The Venus had sneaked into the sun, but the strain reached a peak at last not to be able to introduce even the sun as ever. Because I begin with partial solar eclipse, in the case of a total eclipse of the sun, I can observe a part comparatively calmly in the first half. However, because the place where the Venus sneaked into was a certain meaning climax, I did not want to miss this opportunity. I greeted the black drop phenomenon that was the second contact without focus matching. As for infiltration time and the several pieces, a photograph moved slightly, and focus was not correct as expected when I tried to develop it. It is nothing new to say I wanted time a little more.
The second contact black drop phenomenon

The Venus records the state that the Venus moves every 10 minutes after taking a black drop phenomenon of the second contact because I pass sun disk until sunset. I had a look at machine parts of the next woman whether it was these days, and at last there was room. An observer was in the depths 2,; but with learning by hearing I heard a voice. It was Mr. W and Mr. who joined in Zambia total eclipse of the sun before three years in solar eclipse clearing house I how. I should have observed it only with a friend of a solar eclipse bulletin board this time, but feel like friends of having increased because it is the people whom it knows. I finished greetings at once. Mr. W participated in a solar eclipse bulletin board before, but to meet again here...
Sun disk passage maximum contact of the Venus

Sunlight of the height of summer poured in Wakkanai on a day of beautiful weather and was quite hot. There is the one that I observed with short sleeves from a beginning. O made an observation schedule beforehand and was surprised at a photography schedule list having been filled up with a number closely. I sounded alarm of carrying every 10 minutes and took a timing of photography even if I made it animation if I photographed it every 10 minutes because I was interesting. Then which came to take a photograph to alarm of all of you carrying.
A positive began to decline before long, and temperature fell, too. While it is covered on the way by a cloud of the horizon, the sun goes surely towards the horizon. I take off a filter at 19:10 and take the sun.

Recollection of Noshappu Promontory

The Venus was covered earlier by a cloud of the horizon, and the sun disk passage of the Venus was not able to see you from now on to the back for eight years. Close sunset…At the moment when I thought of と, I had a splendid present from nature. When I think whether a solar upper edge is warped greatly and was exhausted. I shined in green for an instant. If I take it for and do not appear, this is a green flash bulb of person New Year's flower arrangement. The sun set in the horizon as partial solar eclipse, but the green flash bulb was not able to see all the Australian total eclipses of the sun of December 4, 2002 after the existing end whether sand of desert reflected diffusely either. Indeed to be seen in Wakkanai! Friends of a solar eclipse bulletin board achieved a courageous shout, too and were excited very much.
It is a green flash bulb from a break in the clouds

The observation was finished with an impression. Dim light after sunset lights us up. I go to an inn close to Wakkanai Station by a rent-a-car of Kanto unit. As for two people of a solar eclipse clearing house, four people except T of families got into the car which O drove by another car. The Miss I which I observed in the next to me seems to have subscribed for another inn before entering Wakkanai. We except Ms. and T were the same inns. I arrived at an inn close to Wakkanai Station and installed a load in a room. Because a victory celebration begins before I do it for only 10 minutes, I gather in a lobby. A telephone of coverage entered at the road edge, a local newspaper publishing company, but it is article which dies in it because it was able to stream down it unless I can offer a photograph of the sun disk passage of the Venus immediately so that time hangs though I return by a train and >_< that it is it.
The horizon where the sun completely set in

Only around 50m had the bar which became victory celebration ground just before a few alley. This will be busy streets of Wakkanai. Because it is the good position where TV is seen, it is good, and a back room understands it whom was interviewed in today's TV. While they observed it, O and Miss I, in the company of children T took an interview. At first of observe, succeeding toast. I tell that a solar eclipse of the past and a green flash bulb were seen each. When all of you liquor turned around, a friend appeared on television. After all the exposure degree of T was high whether there were few in the company of children observers. I came out to a subsidiary of local Asahi National Broadcasting local news again and swelled very much.
After observation, it is a scene at a victory celebration

It is Mr. solar eclipse clearing house I and Mr. W that participated in a victory celebration. S and O and a manager of a solar eclipse bulletin board. It was six people of I Ms. whom it flew, and became a friend by participation. On the next morning, I was going to originally go to Bifuka by abolished line trace sightseeing, but the Bifuka going canceled it because I gave priority to newspaper supply and Soya cape sightseeing. I got up early this morning as ever. The breakfast took the newspaper put at an inn be 7:30. I decided to buy Hokkaido Shimbun and other newspapers in a kiosk, and there was the newspaper which I did not get used to such as daily publication Soya. I finished eating breakfast, and S came when I was going to buy a newspaper earlier at the main office of daily publication Soya. In daily publication Soya, the entrance hall closed for some reason.
Wakkanai Station of Japanese ultima Thule

The newspaper was not sold in a kiosk either. I bought an objective newspaper at a stand and came back to an inn and examined sale place of daily publication Soya in a telephone book. I look for it for passion by all means because I want it and borrow a residential area figure from a padrone and confirm a place. I informed sale place that I wanted you to prepare because you bought Part 10 beforehand.
Preparations for O were set and left with three people whom I decided to put a load in a lobby, and put S earlier to sale place of daily publication Soya. I took time by coming and going for 30 minutes, but came in several parts Get somehow. Sale place gave you several parts generously when it could stream down what I did from far away so that we watched the sun disk passage of the Venus. We were completely in a good mood.

The Wakkanai-shi young people Hall of Science

I came back to an inn and handed daily publication Soya to all the members. I was going to hand a left newspaper to a member of Michinoku astronomy circle, but staying just took you because there was not the one that needed a newspaper more than Part 2. I come back to Wakkanai sightseeing with the foot in going, observation place Noshappu Promontory. A solar eclipse clearing house chose the yesterday's observation ground, and a friend of a solar eclipse bulletin board seems to have ridden together. But I want to watch the sun disk passage of the Venus setting in the sea vaguely, but "go to Noshappu Promontory" in sake…I told a と bulletin board friend, but thought only to observing it somewhere of the shore. When parking lot facilities and an institution chose the country that was not set, I would become it how...
Soya cape and a map of Sakhalin

A prefab house of the first wintering party which was featured in NHK was put in Wakkanai in a hometown of saghalien dog Taro and Giraud considered to be leaving behind at the South Pole for one year. Facilities are worse than the second prize of Japanese National Railways sleeper train, but it may be a thing in this as hard as possible in those days. On the contrary, we of the present age are overdoing with luxury. Because I came to Wakkanai with much effort, I will go to Soya cape. A mobile telephone sounded as soon as I arrived at Soya cape. T of families seems to return by former mail. For some reason thank you. We experienced a circumference, ultima Thule of Japanese ultima Thule to the backside of a monument of Japanese ultima Thule. I wait until other tourists disappearing from a monument of ultima Thule and take a souvenir picture.
A monument of Soya cape / Japan ultima Thule

I climbed a hill of 50m on foot from there. There is large cape old navy observation tower. This observation tower was built by a former name to become Soya cape with a vast cape in 1902. I stared at Soya Channel more than the first century. Memorial service monuments of Korean Air Lines shooting down case stood, and there was a bell of peace, too. There was a memorial service monument of the Soya sea area navy war dead, too. When after all Soya cape is a cape of a border, it is realized that I watch these. I came to Soya cape so that Mr. I of a solar eclipse clearing house watched partial solar eclipse with a total eclipse of the sun of July 31, 1981. By the time of cold war between the East and the West, I was not able to go freely in those days to Sakhalin. I seem to have watched the sun where 87% were lacking in here.
The partial solar eclipse that 90% were lacking in (An image)

It was a tour with a total eclipse of the sun of March 9, 1997 that I entered Russia for the first time. Perestroika advanced at that time, and a town was filled with articles, and a Russian did it lively, too. I did shopping in Chita of Siberia, but a Japanese looked to a Chinese and, as is expected, bore the cold wind of mistake>_< Soya cape. I wear a jacket and answer it correctly. Weather was reversed yesterday. Yesterday got off such weather in Bifuka and would see the sights of an abolished line trace of Yoshiyuki line. I finished commemorative saving at Soya cape post office of Japanese ultima Thule and went to Wakkanai Station afterwards. O, all of solar eclipse clearing houses, Miss I, S whom I was with by a rent-a-car in various ways…m__m which used the people truth.
Soya cape post office of Japanese ultima Thule