A Venezuelan temperature difference tour (Observation)

(5)I meet again in observation place
It is a total eclipse of the sun for the first time in 82 since it was observed in the 200km west of Caracas by the course that resembled this time on Febr /uary 3, 1916 in the Venezuelan country. It is 3 minutes 45 seconds in this all existing duration. On the day of a total eclipse of the sun, the observation material was clouded. Partial solar eclipse does not come out in this, too. Because there was still it to the first contact more than one hour, I did setting of machine parts elaborately. Then a beautiful woman with recognition approaches. I wear sunglasses, but it is 1,991. before if it thinks that it is unpleasant, and it calls out to you

The local people who took it in observation place
It was 7.11 M of the fine woman who joined by a Mexican tour. She is a person saying that there is not no that it was clouded by 1,983.6.11 Indonesia total eclipses of the sun. Because it has not been had clouded since 1,988.3.18 Ogasawara offing total eclipses of the sun me either, does this have divine favor? It is an encounter since it met again accidentally in the silk counter of Bangkok on the next day of 1,995.10.24 Thailand total eclipses of the sun. It seems to have been had clouded last year her only after she went to Mongolia. I observed it under the perfect blue sky which was clear to the horizon in the wasteland of Siberia then
I am observing it now
M seems to have come to look for a stone to fix the seat which I spread around machine parts to here. While I married you because I ran out and collected one's stones, it became gradually hot. The cloud which there was so much when I looked up at the sky incidentally began observation under the beautiful weather without 1. When a fine woman meets a fine man accidentally, a cloud seems to disperse. When the sun was missing, and heat softened considerably, a diamond ring shined. Light disappears from the solar top, and I see a corona lengthening up and down.
A corona of an interphase (1/90 exposure seconds)
I saw a pink prominence at the same time, too, and two planets shined in the about. The left diagonal top is Mercury, and right diagonal bottom is Jupiter. Because it was a total eclipse of the sun that was near to the zenith, a state covered up all of the horizon at dusk of all existing characteristic. At the moment when it moved to sun direction, light leaked out from a valley of a month and became a diamond ring, and a total eclipse of the sun was over. Because it makes full use of two cameras of a total eclipse of the sun, and it is devoted to photography, it is instant that time passes. As for the time to soak itself in a lingering sound of an impression, the sun always sets slowly br /iefly towards horizon direction while returning to an original figure.
A corona of an interphase (1/250 exposure seconds)
Lodging material of M which met again some time ago seems to be a luxurious hotel of air-conditioning perfection. The hotel where we stay at cannot expect air-conditioning perfection. A machine like one place of cold wind fan is put in the room, but be accompanied in a chill going to only an upper direction at night and I keep on and take cool air. Because there was not a refrigerator in a room, I picked up mineral water on an outlet of a cold wind fan and cooled it. Still, skin is itchy! I was bitten by a mosquito when I took it good. The mosquito was active during a total eclipse of the sun to suck our blood by the night of only four minutes.
A corona of an interphase (1/1,000 exposure seconds)
If this is Africa, it is yellow fever. The solar eclipse observation back has been exhausted. In the sun which completely returned to an original figure, sunlight is strong as ever and is tired just to say that it is hot. I observe a solar eclipse in a state of the height of summer from the depth of winters. Because there are few sweat glands, as for me from snowy district, I take care of being cold, but heat stays to a body by humid heat in the tropics and is downed. zzz which lay down immediately since I came back to a hotel after observation and took a shower by a swift attack and ate supper.
An illustration of Ryuji Fujii
(6)In Miami of an oyster is baptized
I move again to Caracas on the next morning of a total eclipse of the sun. I buy ten parts of newspapers which a total eclipse of the sun article was written at Maracaibo Airport stand and I part from various places of a course here for 11 days to leave for the Guiana Highlands and do it. We of a course are city sightseeing in Caracas for seven days. I open the newspaper which I bought in a bus at once. I of foreign language allergy had the guide who could speak Japanese translate a point with mind as usual. About 300-400 observers seem to have gathered in the yesterday's observation place from all over the world.

Simon Borivar monument
Because there was it in the Maracaibo city that all existing obi passed, in PANORAMA company which published a newspaper, the top of a newspaper was occupied with a photograph of a corona. A composite picture of a corona of PANORAMA company appeared when I cleared another space. Similarly a great mass person flocked in Paraguana Peninsula which all existing obi passed, and it seems to have been a serious solar eclipse fever. Coverage of CBS collected data on an observer by preliminary inspection of the day before yesterday, but the photographer appeared in a newspaper, too.
Simon Borivar Park
A currency unit of here Venezuela said Borivar, but this was associated with Simon Borivar which the founding of a country made Venezuela. There were a br /onze statue and the monument which did praise of Borivar everywhere of the city. After Caracas city sightseeing, I go to an airport. Inspection is very severe under influence of neighboring country Colombia. An airport person in charge does X-ray check and a security check to all the members. It took about 2 hours till I entered in a plane after arriving at an airport. I move to Caracas → Miami. Slow supper rides TAXI separately and goes to a restaurant for a thing of the Miami city with all the members.
A state of the Caracas city
I have not eaten an oyster with fishery products alone, but because I seem to be delicious too angrily, the softness of the body which is unprecedented if I eat it is delicious and is enough as it is even if I can be accompanied by nothing. Would there be around 3 times of a Japanese oyster? I ate 5 in all. There is a contest to eat an oyster in Miami, and there seems to be the strong man whom I eat 200, and won the championship. The moon where R stuck to seemed to be ready to be eaten, and the oyster of this place right tasted season.
A straight oyster (A menu is given when I click it)
(7)The English that I do not know
As for the next morning, the condition of a stomach, it was good, and a thing equal to an oyster was not, too. br /eakfast to fast food shop close to an airport. Order the br /ead which sandwiched bacon and chicken BACONcI told and a salesclerk, but only br /ead was taken out for some reason. "Is it What isthis?" I say "It`s a bagle" if I hear it with . I cannot understand what it is. The one that is the English enjoyment this is just br /ead. A salesclerk misheard it and did not br /ing it? It was said .

That I of shame linguistic ability 0 order the br /ead which sandwiched bacon and chicken is not conveyed by a salesclerk. A receipt was put in the very front and bought only br /ead as it is. It is the dull br /eakfast which followed butter on br /ead. Should I have said "bacon egg please" honestly? One bagle is 70 cents. I was equal to or less than a half price of LargeMilk. Naturally mind should have been satisfied and expected it to an in-flight meal without `.
which shoots Miami from the air
At last I went back to my own country by a flight of long time via L.A to Narita from Miami. A course cannot indulge in a lingering sound of a trip for course and difference, seven days for 11 days when I went to the Guiana Highlands, and I am sorry. Cold wind blows if I arrive at Narita. In Kanto, it seems to have snowed in the morning on that day. I with the appearance that I had too much in Miami on got on a train to stay at close friend's house of Chiba just to have put on a jacket.
which shoots Miami from the air