Thailand total eclipse solar eclipse resort

Keietsu Sayama
1995.10.24 The total eclipse solar eclipse (Saros No 14,323 /73), crossing southeast Asian countries, it receives the sunset in the west Pacific Ocean. At this Saros period it becomes the last total eclipse solar eclipse, in the future after the gold ring total eclipse solar eclipse of 4 times, it becomes the series where just gold ring continues. Because India is the place where the probability which clears up entering dry period is high, the many observers went out from Japan. In India only 30 seconds to continue, because risk is high, with tour of 6 stay 7 day, it participated in the Hankyu traffic corporation to the Thailand rainy season may open. Total eclipse solar eclipse band map 1995 October 
Total eclipse solar eclipse band map 1995 October 24
1995.10.21 Narita taking off, in nighttime capital city Bangkok arrival of the Thailand. It was the forced march, by the night traveling bus movement immediately to resort area [pataya]. In the car the man and woman who is as the seat after some thing has designated story put to the small ear. He spoke that with Hankyu, it participated in Alaska aurora tour in 1992. As for me who accepted the offer in D course as for him also schedule is different in participation of C course. Mutual simple self introduction ended. While looking at the star, 
While looking at the star, movement
As for him O. This time we met for the first time. It is the aurora photographer after. She in M, [sure] was different in the course where the Mexican tour is different. While travelling you acted with these three people together. That when you think whether roll call of the bus started, this bus one person being many, the bus the other side probably will put out one person is not enough, is. Again, when it calls roll, making a mistake in the bus where I ride somehow, being like it rode 9 the car bus of D course, originally 8 power and others you must be in the car, it probably will put out, is. In any case because number of people it was agreeable, it moved by the bus while you were wrong. Resort area pataya night
Resort area pataya night
As for the hotel of [pataya] the which is the suitable nice building in resort area sleeping is AM4: When 00 time during zzz sleeping soundly morning call echoes, is surprised and occurs with option tour to the run island it has become to go to sea bathing tour, but becoming in time, because, I am not present the  it did in the room, so is. It faces to resort area. It faces to resort area
It faces to resort area
After enjoying the leisure, the simple meal is taken at the run island only restaurant. As for the beverage of [yashi] truth cooling every actual, just on the coconut juice which is divided came out that way! The juice in the truth is drunk probably will put out with the straw, is. Because the time where also the stomach is filled up, para it goes sailing at transoceanic rejoicing, it participated (approximately 10$). After the order waiting, being able to install the metallic parts in the body, it took off. The parachute soared the sky high, 10 minutes of the moment where the very feeling good wind keeps passing by the body passing, was lowered to the boat Para sailing of yearning
Para sailing of yearning
After that it returned to the hotel and entered to the pool. That it is not exposed the camera the water, while noting, with the wide angle lens you aimed for the sky of the hotel from the river edge of the pool. The building which does U letter type is impressive. Returning to the room with backlight taking the water surface of the pool, while looking at the evening sun which sinks you took the evening glow. As expected, [pataya] seems the resort hotel, air conditioning is completed. As I when from may be we would like to stay at the hotel of middle class class, already just a little tour generation being cheap, it is, but... When the pool of the hotel
When the pool of the hotel (it clicks, the U letter type building)
Next morning faces to [ayutaya] from [pataya] separated. This Buddhism vain has worn the yellow seductive orange Buddhist priest's stole. The bus the middle, approached to the store for resting. Because as for tonight you stay in view geodetic survey, the mineral water and the candy etc it keeps buying those which are bulky. The player who plays the gamelan musical instrument was on side of the store. You call with the southeast Asian wind and in around the noon which is feeling [ayutaya] arrival. As for the Buddhist priest's stole of the statue of Buddha the appearance which produces the right shoulder was the majority. You inquire about the gamelan musical instrument, 
      when (it clicks, Buddhism vain)
You inquire about the gamelan musical instrument, when (it clicks, Buddhism vain)
Because Japan and China feeling very muggy, dispersing the coat, still, hot extent is tomorrow more and more is the observation production, it faces to the [chiyokuchiyai] [samaki] high school which is view geodetic survey. The inside of the road while front and back of the bus being patrolled by the police of local end, is Daimyo queue. 10 o'clock in the afternoon, it arrives at view geodetic survey. According to usual GPS measurement, here is located the north latitude 14 45 & the east longitude 102 10 '. Sleeping Buddhism of ayutaya
Sleeping Buddhism of [ayutaya]
Although you say that it is midnight, at the time of the where music of the locale is played the music which used the synthesizer...
Gradually it became drowsy, but music does not stop. where the attachment crew-member dies and goes the evacuation negotiation.
The signboard of the total eclipse solar eclipse 
      which is in view geodetic survey
The signboard of the total eclipse solar eclipse which is in view geodetic survey
Because also the dew was gone in past midnight, Canopus was taken. Eventually, the sky started growing light little by little, the alone br /ight star appeared from between the trees. When you hear in the close person, Mercury what it probably will put out, is. This time with western greatest elongation br /ightness because of 0 classes, when it was easy to be attached to public attention...The time where Mercury is extinguished in sunlight, positive started climbing. Because today you say that you can see the total eclipse solar eclipse, as for the school the day off. Outside the schoolyard the gallery of the student and the jeer horse hundreds people had gotten together in order to observe the total eclipse solar eclipse as a special class. Sirius and Canopus
Sirius and Canopus
Also the tour participant who has stayed at the hotel crashed great movement. Hundreds people it got together in the schoolyard here, it is probably will be? The sunlight of the sun it keeps increasing. You turned your own observation place to the vicinity of the public tent. Because it is possible to use the chair which is put in there freely, putting on the rear of the equipment and material, while sitting down, very easily the which is observation the sun started being lacking eventually. This time acquiring the telecon of 2 times to the 500oF8 reflected telelens, it makes total eclipse exclusive use. The part solar eclipse acquires the telecon of 2 times to 300oF5.6, D4 (ND10000) uses the darkening filter. Banner of view geodetic survey
Banner of view geodetic survey
Preparing, while you acquire the respective telecon instantaneously changing just the lens, it photographs camera and 2 tripods. The middle where the sun has been lacking excessively there is no strain. Around loitering it died and went. O because the filter is not attached to the fish eye lens, it photographs what, when it tries hearing, you take it probably will put out in the total eclipse view around over the 180° all heaven, is. It becomes cool gradually, also the sun considerably has been lacking. In the public tent TV which catches the Thailand domestic sun which hits on west side of the total eclipse band has appeared. Circumstances of view geodetic survey me
Circumstances of view geodetic survey me (center)
After that picture shot the light of instant, the corona which extends vertically was projected! TV tension has reached to peak. In this way, 5 minutes later which anticipate the total eclipse solar eclipse, after light of instant twinkles in a flash, you could see the corona which is visible vertically even with this. The prominence as for the upper edge of the sun and month, as for terrestrial 5 may enter easily, has been visible. Changing shutter speed, it copies the corona. It is the corona of clean minimum period type. This becomes the corona which extends to side long in Indonesia of noon central eclipse. Because in India it is prompt from the sunrise, it is the corona of complete length. On the one hand, because with the Thailand it has been categorized to center, you could see the corona which extends slantedly. Prominence and inner corona
Prominence and inner corona
The extent which is settled at last in angle of view of the 50mm Venus being visible in the place where it is far, it increases. When for a while it had admired, already the diamond ring shone! The grain of sunlight after many being visible, the dazzling sun revived. The latest total eclipse time is 1 minute 39 seconds barely. Corona of minimum period type
Corona of minimum period type
TV in the tent br /oadcast the part solar eclipse of Thailand domestic 4 places. Also the form of the sun returned to the origin, did commemoration photographing of observation success with three people. After the equipment and material removing because it moves to Bangkok, it rode the bus. As expected Japan and China because it is hot, in the car blast around zzz night 8 o'clock arrives at the hotel. Dinner starts promptly. In the entrance of the floor the varieties you hear the curiosity excellent O where the beautiful women are sat down in them. 'It is lovely,' you call something in word of the locale, when you hear<[kuun] [suwaai] mark>With you say it probably will put out, is. Beauty and 2 shot of Thailand
Beauty and 2 shot of Thailand
O which learns the word frequently in them<[kuun] [suwaai] mark>The word of which was shot in rapid succession unnoticed greeting between three!? It became. Next morning is the Bangkok city-sightseeing and shopping. O, I finding the beautiful woman with the floor, the middle which takes the photograph of the two shot with two people, happened to see the people of another tour with the shop of Bangkok city. The beauty who among those chooses the clothes of the silk with utmost effort was. When you see carefully, it is M where simultaneous it does with 1991.7.11 Mexican tour. Beauty and 2 shot of Thailand
Beauty and 2 shot of Thailand
She last year favored to fine weather in the br /azilian total eclipse solar eclipse, the circumstances were published to the astronomical guide. Promptly greetingcIs the circumstances which are surprised but, time could not do address exchange with thing of [nai], is. After that, it went into the emerald temple. You could take the photograph where the golden temple is good to the sky which clears up well being. Here being hot rather, while to frown, you were walking. Emerald temple
Emerald temple
Because there was a time to dinner, Bangkok city super it promenaded. It is wide, apple g[hu] [ji]h of the how Aomori product sold in the super Seika counter. Because there was no air which you buy you do not know price, but because it imported from Japan, it probably is perhaps to sell high.
Because as for dinner the our seat which is dinner show of the Thailand dance is the gamelan musical instrument immediately nearly, going to next door, you take the souvenir picture. When the dance starts and [jiyudeiongu] the woman starts dancing entirely, the gaze of the audience became nailing in her.

[jiyudei] [ongu] of Thailand (right side)
After the dance ends, also the audience rising to stage, because you say, that it can dance, it started dancing on side of the woman where promptly O is similar to [jiyudeiongu], in me the photograph took with was said. I rise to stage and make the souvenir picture take. The pleasant night opening, early morning takeoff Bangkok. Morning around 4 o'clock rising, because it started directly, because in the inside of a plane it bought up the newspaper of the locale among yesterday which slept well, the trunk may burst. The audience who is taught the 
The audience who is taught the dance