South America Big Journey

Keietsu Sayama
I who lived in Minamikasai, Edogawa-ku missed high speed for Narita Airport by transfer from Nishifunabashi in subway Tozai Line, and although I was in time for departure time to (1,994.10.29) somehow, I was late for a tour br /iefing session, and it was it with a person of in fight with there not being what information. After it passed more than half day to have gone down in N.Y. The thought that "came to Ahhh - Manhattan" whenever I go on a br /idge comes. A figure of total eclipse of the sun obi material of November 3, 1994
A figure of total eclipse of the sun obi material of November 3, 1994
I entered a restaurant on one's way to a hotel. I took lunch while I could hardly sleep, and rubbing eyes. I receive explanation about an action tonight and the tomorrow's plan in the seat, and it is one health drink around 40 dollars which thoroughly enjoyed live performance of the home for blue note and saying jazz coffee shop to because it was free action belonging to. I wanted to tape it on the spot when I had cassette deck and tape. An N.Y city
An N.Y city (A signal appears when I click it)
I participate in an optional tour of tax-included 80 dollars I get into a copter on the next morning, and to go around the Statue of Liberty. The photograph which a goddess soaring in a clear sky is impressive and took from a copter is still the best shot. When I went sight-seeing in an N.Y city by a helicopter for the first time, an N.Y decisive battle of an American crossing ultra quiz synchronized. Width of an empire station building went by copter, too. By the way, the expense of trip to South America was 550000yen for ten days in nine days. It took it for bonus twice of the company where I worked at in those days. I stopped at Metropolitan Museum of Art since I reached first sunrise of the year N.Y. There is a display so as not to be able to give it up entirely even if I run all day and puts a Japanese pamphlet. The Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty
I stopped at the United Nations, but all articles are tax-free in an American extraterritoriality area. There was a hotel in the United Nations, too. I returned with people accompanied by N.Y5 turn-cho on foot, but I forgot a fixation screw of a tripod on the way and dropped in at a cameraman of the fifth street and bought a tripod. (55 dollars) Because I did not understand English, I had one accompanied by interpret it. From afternoon to South America Argentina. Arrival at spot was an early morning by a day in a plane. Metropolitan Museum of Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art
I get on a bus, and it is arrived at Buenos Aires of a capital by an airport! The bus took lunch in meat dishes shop while looking at big river La Plata River after having watched (Caminito) according to the colorful tin roof. I am surprised at meat put in a plate! ! The meat which had size of face came out. Though all of you cannot finish eating and left it over, I ate it up in no time. Though I was, as is expected, the gentlemen who can flatten to the meat which a person left with the thing which the top is on the top overdo it. I skewer burnt meat in a shop and seem to be discernibly delicious. Caminito
Tango birthplace "Caminito"
I watched Argentine tango in Casablanca and the shop which said at the night of Buenos Aires. One health drink is with it, and this is 40 dollars, too.
You might seem to take a photograph freely, and a flash bulb and a shutter sound resounded in the hall. The sound that is the dance that seems to be mysterious and lightness of a bandoneon of man and woman. I thoroughly enjoyed a performance for two hours and came back to a hotel comfortably.
Argentine tango
Argentine tango
The moon changes, and 11.1 depart to Santiago of a Chile. Because it crosses South America, it is a flight of about 2 hours. A hotel stays overnight after city sightseeing. I finally depart to observation place on the next morning! It is come by town Arika of the Chile northern part. Because it is nandin Hoshino observation hope, it is car Nakadomari by bus of observation place. There says Putre village, and there is it in desert. Because 2,900m had meters above the sea level, I withdrew to 4 degrees Celsius at night and it was cold and was not able to sleep. Capital Santiago city of a Chile
Capital Santiago city of a Chile
transparency of the atmosphere had not taken it be desert well either night sky opened. The Southern Cross already rose with C Corinna nebula when I got over eyes at the time at nap zzz AM4 time while trembling with I not yet seeing the Southern Cross. A feathery stratus waited to be sharp and photographed it with MINOLTA alpha-8700i and an ISO1600 film of the cherished machine in 60 seconds. Only a cheerful star shined when I watched a photograph completed after return home. Because it was almost the South Pole of the sky, even fixed photography did not move slightly very much. Sunset of observation place
Sunset of observation place
The second class star and the third class record of wins and losses are for each 1s, and, as for the first class Southern Cross, two stars consist of it. It is a popular constellation in the Northern Hemisphere probably because there is admiration to come from a name. Actually, I am much smaller from Orion. Because there is not a star becoming a mark like the polestar, the South Pole of the sky uses the Southern Cross and looks for it. When 5 times extend a vertical part of a cross to the south side, it is the South Pole of the sky. A constellation of northern sky is seen in the Southern Hemisphere, too, but I see Orion upside down because the South Pole of the sky becomes a standard. A clean cross is seen if I go to Chichijima of Okinawa or Ogasawara Islands in Japan. Achernar
Although I greeted the daybr /eak, the sun of the feathery stratus has begun to be chipped off while I worried without getting it. When I was considerably missing, a diamond ring begins without a feathery stratus can take even which the sky is bluish suddenly, and the Venus looked like. It shows light to watch over a feathery stratus by the naked eye clearly, and a total eclipse of the sun starts at last! A bluish corona was very impressive slightly and was exhausted because of the atmosphere lengthwise. A corona and the Venus
A corona and the Venus
A shout of joy br /oke out ooh suddenly, and I saw a diamond ring a while ago from an opposite directioncI observe partial solar eclipse if I admire excessive beauty while solar light increases, and following a filter because I became dazzling. Though all the beginners were relieved if existing * was over and played, I continued taking it till the sun was completely restored. Which the photography back was worn out, and slept heavily in a bus. At last it is a shower for the first time in two days to Arika of a foothold in return, a hotel. In a night dinner party, a face of all of you seemed to show glad observation success. A feathery stratus diamond ring
A feathery stratus diamond ring
I bought the newspaper which a local solar eclipse article appeared in the next day and gathered you. The photograph which a corona was reflected in together matched a br /idge, and it was a quite impressive photograph. It was movement, but boarded an airplane by transit three times by air on full 1st while staying overnight to here after having left Arika. At last it is come on the next morning by N.Y! Because a foot swelled up from the day before, it was said it was handed an antibiotic if I examined it at a hospital, and to rest quietly in bed all day, and it was 1st when regret stayed without one step can move at night from a hotel in the N.Y last. Arika city in Chile
Arika city in Chile
It is flown the next day at noon to Narita. It was said that stewardess unable to remain indifferent to me that a foot is swelling up was first-class, and there was a space and sat down on there and tasted the feeling that was temporary Rich. It was the feeling that a seat had it to spare, and was gorgeous. Then, as for the hind leg, a foot was recovered for one month whenever I met the people who participated in South America tour although I recovered completely? It is said. Which I will start that various germs were in a cause after all when I played with the skin which peeled off for athlete's foot, and a foot swelled up. Scenery of an N.Y city
Scenery of an N.Y city