Total eclipse of the sun / departure under the hot weather

Keietsu Sayama
(1)The first plan

2,008.8.1 total eclipse of the sun [saros No. 126 47/72] passes through the Arctic Ocean from queen Elizabeth Islands of Canada, and I run through Mongolia and border after the landing in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago of the Siberia, and it is sunset in Xi'an.

It was chipped off in the Siberia eastern part by Finland of 1,990.7.22 before one saros.

It is the turning point of 20 years after starting total eclipse of the sun observation this time.

I planned a total eclipse of the sun observation tour only after I served as it. I asked the Eurasia tourist bureau for Enforcement of the tour this time. When it says why you chose this travel agency, it is an opportunity that the airplane of the return is the same by chance and I am adjoining and exchanged information with the tour visitor of the Eurasia tourist bureau in the Libya total eclipse of the sun of the year before last in various ways.
August 1, 2008 total eclipse of the sun zone
August 1, 2008 total eclipse of the sun zone
Among them, the more they saw a large partial solar eclipse in Libya Tripoli, "The next total solar eclipse seen from where?" Was directly asked me a question. The flight was so good Yurashiatravel agency hospitality tour operators decided to ask the tour. And a proposal here , so that every time the season runs tours of the Silk Road area, I thought it was a strong company. In addition, the company that he did a tour around our age, especially those who old had known each other linked sites.

Right map is a map containing the zone of totality. The first observation was scheduled to go to where three Santanghu stay. While the e-mail exchange with a representative, however, "If there is no accommodation for three Santanghu, we have proposed stay in a tent. In this case, set up the tent, even if no problems taking place near the observing site to the idea of a good site and waiting to receive from the day before I or we. "and replied that I now consider to be in tents.

But it would be found later, Santanghu had only three foreign military accommodation is no accommodation seems. The city's population is about 1,000, are shared at this invitation-only bed room toilet. Kiyoshi Kiyoshi is not very inviting place, because you have no hot water, and it seems I can not stand is how the level of Isuzu in Japan.

Detailed map of the earth observation
(2)interaction with the travel agency from the present book hotels as well gon

Pari further assumptions have been paid in advance and the cost of accommodation possible, pay this amount first reported a very high risk There.

Hami Garden Hotel near the hotel bill and had planned to stay gon Pari way, the price of a bull that USD 200 per night room at the moment, had become considerably more expensive than the tent.

The airline is China Eastern Airlines will be no delay is often the reason for the decision is not effective in terms of Air China and not to discount the same aircraft.

South Wing of the electronic scoreboard departure
Is the number of participants in the first 40 and last year it was 20 something, then it has increased their brochure claims, in late February was increased to 60 frames.

Received the brunt of the impact of the Olympics also have travel expenses to the bone Maranakatta circumstances. This is a special time off does not work, now nearly 300,000 teens tour is not taken because the situation was not normal fare and seat reservations.

Also, what seasoned observers? Deviation of the compass of the earth How long have you observed? I received a query. I think perhaps an expert observer, the day before if 777

Air China aircraft
I think the question Equatorial exactly match a consideration if you arrive to the observing site.

11 west to see partial information is estimated to various degrees with 12 ... I told you, did you see at a detailed map to the east of polarization during the trip. The term partial or west deviation and Kono Azuma is the one used in the first my site.

In other words, the orientation of the current compass north pole is pointing to the northwest of Greenland, that is to say a different location by observing the direction of the compass pointing to the North Pole because it is not true.

If polarized east will land in the Arctic observed in real time from where compass shifted eastward.

Written in Chinese beer cans in the cabin ...
(3)The briefing trip
starting on July 5, finally, here is a fine annular eclipse and solar eclipse was seen in the past (Panama) to show the footage.

Beginners often unexpectedly, a brief description of it was just Interest image. I liked better and thick description of what Mr. Ishii Kaoru Nakamura and tour personnel.

Then, like a storm has passed every day, I had a day tour quickly. Solar Information Center and Professor and officials helped in Zambia Meisei Takahashi had prominent members gathered at Narita Airport.
Urumqi Airport
Transfer from the hectic
The Narita Airport 14:55, 17:30 Beijing is wearing. 20:00 from Beijing, was scheduled for 24:05 Urumqi hard wearing. Reduced transit time from Beijing, but all that baggage transfer was the X-ray.

Because price risk is taken to be reduced suitcases and luggage, the emergency Shinogimashita Itadai to temporarily put a tripod on the lesser of the package. When leaving 22.2kg, 20.5kg after weighing in Beijing was. What fraction of a devalued by extra charges are not taken. By the way, and the weight of the luggage case

Buffet style breakfast at the hotel
The economy class, including 20kg, 30kg Business Class is determined, and it is above 1kg excess charge seems to be taken around 4000 yen. I left my chair to collapse or thing required to use for observation. Urumqi arrived after midnight, barely more than a date. Will guide us to the bus Hu's local guides were waiting until late.

But he's really feeling the Japanese code, had his copy of Hu Jintao said at the time to introduce yourself. I freely speak Japanese, there is a very good impression in the head.

The view from the Tian Shan North Road
Relatively clean public toilets and highway entrance 
Relatively clean public toilets and highway entrance
Relatively clean public toilets and highway entrance 
Relatively clean public toilets and highway entrance
Relatively clean public toilets and highway entrance
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