Total eclipse of the sun / sightseeing of two saros

Keietsu Sayama
(1)A flooding tour
2,006.3.29 total eclipse of the sun [saros No.139...29/71] passes through the Atlantic from the Brazilian East Coast, and I run through the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea after the landing in African Ghana, and, via the equator, it is sunset in a border of Russia and Mongolia.
1,988.3.18 before one saros were seen in Ogasawara offing and Southeast Asia. Because a total eclipse of the sun obi passed by in Japanese territorial waters, I observe this solar eclipse at a deck of a big ship.
Because I decided the observation ground so that central eclipse gets together than the last solar eclipse this time in noon, a total eclipse of the sun to continue for 4 minutes 4 seconds is seen.
By the way, 4 countries of Libya Egypt Turkey Georgia can choose a tour from Japan. In all the recruitment nearly 20

A March 29, 2006 total eclipse of the sun zone
There was it. In addition, there was a tour to observe in Ghanaian Niger abroad. When I make an expedition from Japan, when it is Egyptian westward, the travel expenses become expensive, and a problem of a visa appears. Dictatorship of Colonel Qaddafi for many years is over, and this Libya cannot enter it if I do not apply for a visa even if I say that I begin to lay emphasis on sightseeing.
In addition, the Libya government divided the solar eclipse observation ground into three places this time and set "eclipse tax". I seem to be light whether it is about 120 euros. I decided on a tour of this place in Libya. Because early discount was a possible slant price system, I applied in the end of November.

The place that only a red point can observe
(2)By Emirates aviation
If a conventional tour goes to Narita Airport, I was able to go to foreign countries immediately, but it is form to gather from Haneda Airport to Kansai Airport at this time. Because I contacted two tour participants beforehand, the mind was easy.
It is Haneda Airport set at 8:00 at departure the afternoon of the day. I go to Dubai by air via Kansai Airport. I move from Dubai to Tripoli → Benghazi at a stretch. A body was the Emirates aviation that there was the main office in Dubai, but was not able to almost sleep because it was smaller than which airplane which it got on so far, and it was plane zzz.

A total eclipse of the sun map of two saros
Because former Homo sapiens defeated a post to the maximum in a small plane, I collected to stress far from cannot sleep. I took refuge in the seat where I cannot endure it and went to the depths in a plane, and a flight attendant sat down on. After all. which was there for two hours because a foot could extend the front if uncrowded, and a comfortable. neighboring seat had slept
I seem to return to capital Accra of African Ghana from now on if I accept it because I come back to an original post, and the neighbor talked. Convey that go to Libya from now on so that oneself takes a total eclipse of the sun while giving a business card; even in,Ghana a total eclipse of the sun

Emirates aviation in a small plane
I told it should try to have been cleared each other because I was seen, and to sulk with, I decided I changed it and would attach a photograph of a total eclipse of the sun later, and to send e-mail address. Because Japanese could understand it to some extent, she was able to do a friend in Africa. Such an encounter is the powerful charm of a trip, too
Because the Libya entrance took time, the city sightseeing of Tripoli was omitted. I move from Tripoli International Airport to district Airport and go to Benghazi. I saw a shoreline of Libya from a window in a moving plane. I matched blue and exquisiteness of the Mediterranean Sea and was beautiful.

The Mediterranean Sea and a shoreline of Libya
Because a police car seemed to lead it to a hotel in Benghazi, a bus led to the back. As for the police car of Libya, the left shined in white with pink a lamp on a car the right. It was it in five Benghazi stars Hotel whom I repeated movement of an airplane, and at last was able to stay tomorrow tomorrow at other hotels because a person of consequence stayed. Although originally I restored U.S.A. and diplomatic relations in an autocracy, in Libya, as for the top of a country, every such definite decision seems to be the same as old days because I do not change. zzz which lay down at once because I did not take a shower without can sleep for full two days either

Benghazi excellent hoteliAt nightj
(3)Kirene remains
I see the sights of the Kirene remains which are near to the Libya northern part Coast on the next morning. Because physical condition was not all right for I individual, I wanted to take a rest, but went to watch it first of all because it was a tour.
I would cross a huge bridge before a visit and tried to go. The huge bridge has about 1km height to ground and seems to suffer for five seconds to drop. A bottom of a bridge is the taste that I called the Grand Canyon for Libya.
I arrived at the best group of Kirene remains from there in around 1 hour. Remains are remains, but do not understand that history

A huge bridge of Libya
I do not understand value, too. According to the story that it heard from a guide, it seems to be a city of ancient Roman age of about B.C. 600. Grass grows in a circumference of a city by a name of an apparition of a living person of a spring with Kirene, too. There was a large-sized theater of a rectangle, too, and I saw the Mediterranean Sea in the north side of remains. I went to a restaurant of a cave model to take lunch, but physical condition was not desirable, and it was not eaten afterwards. I sleep for four hours if I lie because there was the first chair long behind of a bus and am not able to be seen in the later remains. At last when I woke up, I saw the Mediterranean Sea in the car window of a bus.
A flower garden of Kirene remains
A world heritage / Kirene remains

To desert