Panamian vision by the naked eye golden ring solar eclipse / sightseeing

Keietsu Sayama
(1)Is it Panama in a ship?
I who continued chasing a solar eclipse for footrail 17 years observed a golden ring solar eclipse in Panama. 2,005.4.8 golden ring total eclipse of the sun [saros No. 129sc51/80] passes the equator from the Pacific of the New Zealand offing, and it is sunset in Venezuela via Central America Panama. A golden ring total eclipse of the sun that 1,987.3.29 passed in African Gabon for three seconds before one saros was observed. This solar eclipse was seen as a total eclipse of the sun on a golden ring solar eclipse, the sea in the range that depended on land.

An April 8, 2005 golden ring solar eclipse zoneiThe Panamian western partj
The central eclipse became a total eclipse of the sun of 42 seconds in this noon.
In addition, there was a tour I aimed at all existing obi in the Galapagos Islands offing in form of trip to plan, and to observe in a ship. I wanted to participate in a tour in a ship this time, but was able to stop participation because, unfortunately, I would be absent with costing 800,000 yen for three weeks. As a result of having looked for it in the condition that only five days rested on a weekday, I became a tour to observe in the suburbs of David. There was a tour to observe at the Costa Rican southwestern shore, but most tours that a road grieved at gathered it in Panama.

An observation place of on board tour
(2)transit hell
This tour became a tour same as Nishizaki linked to in a collection of links of a my site mutually. In addition, I met Tianhe star written in my bbs accidentally in Narita Airport before departure and was pleased with a reencounter. He observes it in Costa Rican centerline, but seems to ride with the same airplane to Dallas. I accompany masa of a solar eclipse bulletin board regular customer this time. An airplane goes to Miami via Dallas. Load inspection of an American airport was severer than imagination, and it was emptied a suitcase, and it was examined in detail to the inside.

Daybr /eak 1 on a plane
When the suitcase locked it beforehand, an examiner destroyed a key by force and seemed to examine the inside, and it was notified beforehand from of a tour conductor not to lock it.
It will be influence of NY twin tower Building terrorism in question. In addition, I forced you, and it was gathered a photograph of the face and a fingerprint of a forefinger of right and left on the occasion of the entrance. Which is a thing wanting you to keep human rights disregard within bounds
Because there is a thundercloud in a southeastern direction of Dallas on the way and detoured greatly, I can write it for 1 and a half day and finally check in at Miami airport hotel. I enter a room and take an inspection and a shower of a load, and it is zzz which slept like mud when it comes back to a bed.

Daybr /eak 2 on a plane
(3)Panama Canal
I see the sights of Panama Canal that is a br /idge linking two oceans today. As usual for load inspection the one hour cost is a flight of a little less than 2 hours after having been considered to be it; to Panama City. A hot and humid climate waited when I arrived at Panama. I go an air conditioner of a charter bus to lunch toward one's one without standing. The Panamian first meal was a poor thing of less than 4 dollars. Because indiscriminate water is necessary, I purchase Gatorade. I pass Panama City and, after lunch, go to an inland miraflores lock.

I use American Airlines
Because I was located in the inland department in Panama Canal, there was this lock on a good hill. I went up stairs more than 50 steps and at last arrived at an entrance mouth after getting off from a bus.
It seems to take a mean duration to pass the Panama Canal whole more than one hour to pass one lock for 6-8 hours. Because Panama Canal Zone has Lake clank of meters above the sea level 26m, in the waterway of a canal, the volume of water increases and decreases in total to be able to warp.
By the way, the use rate of one tanker area is 10,000,000 yen. Because it costs expense 100,000,000 yen soon when it is Cape Horn way of South America southernmost edge, it may be said that I am advantageous much more if I compare it with it.

A miraflores lock
Look at a right photograph. A lock is divided into two waterways, and the volume of water matches a course of a destination beforehand. It is the waterway where Atlantic side can let the depths by water where this side leads to Pacific side. Because water level advances from a high clank lake of water level to a low direction in Pacific side, it is reduced the volume of water of a lock. On the contrary, I do not br /ing it close to water level of Lake clank unless I increase the volume of water of a lock in Atlantic side. About 200,000,000kl water is miraflores in regulating water level so as to save a tanker It is used in a lock.
A difference of a miraflores lock / water level
(4)World heritage Panama history district
Panama Canal sightseeing is a visit of world heritage / Panama history district in Panamian core city afterward. By the way, it is an origin of the name of a country to call "Panama", but it seems to be the treasure house which is natural by words coming from pronunciation to say a butterfly and a fish and a meaning to say.
I was made to hear that I got over, and the history district did a color of the ruins. There seems to be there in a borivar open space.
Because it was not a building absorbed in especially deep emotion, look at a carried photograph. Because I liked a bar such as Africa which there was in a history district, I carry it to a horizontal photograph.

An African bar

World heritage / Panama history district

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