With charm of a total eclipse of the sun...

It is beauty of the corona which is vain like eyes even if this says anything. I will not need to forget experience in the Ogasawara offing of March 18, 1988 when I watched a total eclipse of the sun by the naked eye for the first time throughout the life.

bonin island sea The sun which lighted up ground is done I of till then on the moon, and temperature falls, and that it becomes cold is felt with skin almost the night. I hear a shout of joy when I greet a diamond ring before long, and the corona which seems to be a fluorescent lamp of form of concentric circle in the sky of a heliotrope shines. For a relationship of a corona, loop-shaped prominence looks red densely. Dim light of dusk is seen for all laps, and the sky is gloomy, and the horizon of the Pacific thickens so as to go if I go from there to a direction of the sun. A total eclipse of the sun is right the rare astronomy phenomenon that full, is felt the five senses.

The solar eclipse that it is thought to be the sun at noon to be thought to be the moon by order of the earth. It is an eclipse of the moon that it is seen in at the night to be thought to be the sun by the earth and order of a month. Frequency of outbreak has more solar eclipses, but central eclipse (all existing unpleasant golden ring) is not seen in a total eclipse of the sun unless a shadow of the moon enters a limited area (all existing obi) falling into the surface of the earth in a ratio of twice somewhere of the earth once in a yearcorona & venusIt is partial solar eclipse other than it. If size of an appearance of a month is small from the sun, it is a golden ring solar eclipse (the solar halo which only the share that the moon cannot finish covering the sun is ringed, and glitter is seen). In this case solar light is dazzling, and I do not see a corona. By how to take picture of photographs prominence (form of a line of magnetic force that a solar sunspot fellow was tied to.) I can confirm) looking red like a feather. An inner-orbit planet (Mercury and the Venus) is seen in a golden ring. I refer to a right photograph →

Because the earth covers the moon, as for the eclipse of the moon, all existing L state continues for more than 2 hours. Because they are seen at night somewhere, two or three once a year is seen in Japan. However, a solar eclipse is not seen in a point for several years due to a while ago either. I follow only for two or three minutes in duration of a total eclipse of the sun on an average. In addition, only 300-400 once a year is generated when they look without changing a place like an eclipse of the moon on an average.

Solar eclipse saros map For example, a total eclipse of the sun is not seen until August 24, 2063 since a total eclipse of the sun was seen in Aomori on June 3, 1742. I have free interval of 321 years only in this. A next total eclipse of the sun continues soon in Hirosaki-shi in Mutsu-shi for about 3 minutes for five minutes.

OK, you "pursue romance in the black sun from now on and" do not look? Conventional view of life should change considerably!